ENT Saison 4

Enterprise saison 4 : les épisodes

Storm Front, Part I

With the crew still reeling from Archer's supposed death while halting the launch of the Xindi Superweapon, T'Pol and the others determine that they now have somehow time traveled to the year 1944 during World War II. However, they also realize that discrepancies loom for the WWII they know and the current catastrophes taking place on Earth, particularly in the U.S., which seems to have been invaded by Nazis.

The captain is assaulted by Secret Service agents, including the sinister Ghrath – whom Archer suspects is an alien. Unbeknownst to Archer at the time, Ghrath is a subordinate of Vosk, an alien of Ghrath's race and a leader in league with the Nazis. Vosk is clearly troubled by Archer's appearance. With help from insurgents named Sal and Carmine, Archer is rescued from the agents, and taken to the apartment of Alicia, an African-American woman who soon realizes that Archer may be from another time and place. She convinces her friends Sal and Carmine to help Archer, as he tries piecing together this mysterious new situation. Archer incredulously realizes that Nazis have taken over the White House and nearly the entire Eastern seaboard during a disastrous new version of World War II.

On board Enterprise, the crew faces visitors of their own. First off, time traveler Daniels appears in horrific shape, giving details that the Temporal Cold War has become an all-out conflict with dozens of agents stationed throughout the timeline to wipe out others in a fight for complete dominance. He warns T'Pol and the others that they must stop "him" ... but doesn't give any names before he collapses.

While Trip works to repair Shuttlepod One, he is assaulted by the Suliban Silik, who escapes in the vessel. Believing that the "him” Daniels mentioned must be Silik, T'Pol sends Trip and Mayweather after him, which takes them to a U.S. locale near New York where Shuttlepod One has crashed.

Meanwhile, Vosk is intent on helping the Nazis force their reach — and their concentration camps — even further. Clearly, Vosk — who says he is in total agreement with the Nazis that their race must be "pure" — is receiving assistance from the Nazis in his own way and has convinced the Germans that they are all helping each other. Still, he is mysteriously obsessed with finding Archer, whom he regards as a threat to his mission.

Vosk's command to find Archer is successful as Ghrath tracks him down. During a fateful encounter with Archer, Ghrath reveals that his race is trapped and the Germans are helping them construct a conduit so they can return home. Ghrath also confuses Archer by referring to him as a "temporal agent.” Sal, trying to save Archer from Ghrath, kills him, convinced he is a Nazi who will only bring harm. Despite Archer's disappointment in seeing his information source muted, he absconds with a communicator that Ghrath had been holding. Shortly afterward, the menacing Vosk also finds Archer. But Archer — using Ghrath's communicator to call for a transport from a stunned Enterprise — escapes from him. Archer, with Alicia in tow, is transported back aboard where a relieved crew welcomes him home.

On Enterprise, Archer meets with Daniels, who is near death. Daniels explains that Vosk leads the most dangerous faction of the Cold War who is violently opposed to the Temporal Accords. When almost captured once before, Vosk had unfortunately developed a form of stealth time travel to escape into the past. This particular World War II time juncture provides the only point where Vosk can be stopped. When Archer reveals information he learned from Ghrath — that Vosk's faction is building a conduit — Daniels urges him to destroy it. Daniels knows the conduit's destruction will be the only way to stop Vosk from destroying all other races.

And just as Archer is getting this information — and Daniels trails off to his death — Vosk kidnaps Trip and Mayweather on Earth. With them in his grasp, Vosk hopes to get — and kill — the one impediment to his grand plan: Archer.

Storm Front, Part II

As the Nazi invasion of the U.S. continues in an altered 1944, Archer and his crew map out their strategy to stop Vosk from building a time machine that will take him back to his own time and inflame the Temporal Cold War, wreaking havoc upon the timeline. Having befriended American resistance fighters intent on battling the Nazis, Archer has a ready-made force on the ground to help with his cause.

But first, he is intent on bringing Tucker and Mayweather back on board Enterprise. Vosk hails Archer, offering the chance for a rendezvous to retrieve the two men, although the alien most certainly will expect some sort of recompense. Indeed, at the meeting, Vosk clearly needs the technology aboard Enterprise to accelerate his task in building the time machine. But Archer has no intention of helping him, though Vosk insists that he is changing the timeline for the better ... despite Daniels' ardent claims otherwise. Back on board Enterprise with Tucker and Mayweather, Archer and Phlox learn that Trip isn't actually himself: the Suliban Silik has taken on his identity. Upon his exposure, Silik reveals that he has left Vosk's compound with a disk that contains schematics and other information about the time machine. Determined now to retrieve Trip — who is trapped inside the compound — and armed with the new data, Archer heads back to Earth accompanied by Silik, who shapeshifts into human form. T'Pol is left in command with orders to take out the compound as soon as Archer deactivates the shields and he gives her the go-ahead from the surface.

With the help of resistance fighters Alicia and Carmine, Archer and Silik head into Vosk's compound to deactivate the machine which is soon to be completed. Meanwhile, Alicia, Carmine and their cohorts fend off Nazi soldiers working on behalf of Vosk. However, as Archer and Silik make inroads to the machine's shields, soldiers descend on them. In the ensuing battle, Silik is wounded and dies. Just as Archer bids a farewell to him, the real Trip appears, having earlier freed himself from incarceration.

As German planes hover to protect the facility on Vosk's orders, Archer and Trip are transported back to Enterprise. Once there, Enterprise must do battle against the planes above the Manhattan skyline. Just as Vosk is about to enter a time portal, Enterprise fires upon his compound and destroys it, annihilating Vosk in the process.

Once Vosk's plan is foiled, Daniels — alive once again — appears to Archer, showing him that the timeline is resetting itself, and that all the damage Vosk caused never happened.

Within moments, finally, Archer and his crew are back to their own time, on their way home after saving Earth from the Xindi superweapon.


The Enterprise crew returns home to a massive heroes' reception after their year-long mission in the Delphic Expanse. As they each tend to settling back in, Archer is particularly anguished over choices he had to make to save humankind from the Xindi's diabolical plot — and losing 27 crew members to the cause. He also becomes reacquainted with Erika Hernandez, an old classmate from command school who will soon be captain of the Enterprise's nearly completed sister ship, the Columbia NX-02. Then during a debriefing with the Command Council — including Admiral Forrest, Ambassador Soval and Erika at Starfleet Headquarters — Archer is angered over Soval's accusations that the crew did not do all they could to save some Vulcans during one of the exploits in the Expanse. A resultant outburst from Archer forces Admiral Forrest to order the captain to take a vacation for some much-needed rest.

Archer heads to a secluded mountain to get away from the constant adulation, and to try to find peace of mind. But soon after he arrives, Erika unexpectedly shows up, ready to offer him companionship and solace. While Archer isn't initially happy to see her, she prompts him to open up and express his hurt and anger over the travails and ordeals he and his crew suffered during the past year. He realizes that it will take time to come to terms with his experiences. He and Erika return to San Francisco and the Council reconvenes to finish the debriefing. When they do, Soval deems Archer's actions during the mission necessary, if morally dubious. And, in a rare gesture, Soval even thanks Archer for having done such a great service for both humans and Vulcans.

Meanwhile, T'Pol decides to visit her mother, T'Les, on Vulcan, and invites Trip to join her. When they arrive, T'Les is hardly thrilled to find T'Pol with a human companion, especially given that T'Pol had been engaged in a family-arranged bonding, which she had broken off three years earlier to stay aboard Enterprise. Despite her initial disdain towards Trip, T'Les can't help but eventually like him. And, despite neither T'Pol nor Trip telling her so, T'Les is quite certain the two are in love with each other. Further, she correctly surmises they haven't even told each other their true feelings yet either.

However, trouble looms for Trip and T'Pol being together when Koss, T'Pol's ex-fiancé, learns that T'Pol has returned. Koss comes to T'Les' house to visit T'Pol, and pushes aside her assertions that their engagement is over. He also makes a startling revelation: T'Les' mother didn't resign from her cherished academic post. T'Les was actually forced out apparently as retribution for T'Pol's involvement in the destruction of the P'Jem monastery. Koss also promises that — with his family's influence — he can have T'Les reinstated ... if T'Pol marries him.

Torn, and though curious about her current relationship with Trip, T'Pol decides to marry Koss. When a heartbroken Trip hears the news, T'Les encourages him to tell T'Pol his true feelings shortly before the marriage is to occur. But, as the wedding ceremony begins, Trip continues to keep his feelings to himself.

As for the other crew members, Reed and Mayweather have to defend Phlox in public when xenophobic sentiment is running feverishly high. An altercation in a San Francisco bar is broken up by Phlox himself, however, when he demonstrates a talent previously unknown to the humans — the ability to puff up his face like a blowfish.


A troop of superhumans invades a Klingon bird-of-prey, decimates the crew, and takes over their ship. With Klingons threatening retaliation, Captain Archer and his Enterprise crew are called upon to find the missing ship and bring the culprits back. Launching his mission takes him to an imprisoned brilliant scientist, Dr. Arik Soong. Soong "fathered" genetically-altered, strikingly attractive humans called "Augments," who possess remarkable strength, agility and intelligence. They're nearly indestructible, and are deemed responsible for the Klingon massacre.

Soong has been jailed for stealing the embryos that became Augments, raising them on a planet in the Trialas System until he was captured a decade ago. Soong claims that he has no idea why the Augments would have taken possession of a Klingon ship, but does convince Archer that he can make them surrender without a fight. Plus, Soong is familiar with the area the Augments are in — the Borderland — a volatile region between the Klingon Empire and the Orion Syndicate that is a magnet for danger. Despite the crew's skepticism, an electronically shackled Soong joins the mission.

As Enterprise enters the Borderland, Soong does seem initially helpful, particularly when the crew soon encounters trouble. During an attack by an Orion Interceptor, T'Pol and eight crew members are beamed from Enterprise into a teeming slave market. Held by hulking Orions, T'Pol and the other slaves are outfitted with restrictive neurolytic restraints — capable of causing painful convulsions — while they await being auctioned off. Desperate to get T'Pol and the others back, Archer enlists Soong's help in being admitted into the Orion Slave Market as the two seek out the kidnapped Enterprise members. Unfortunately, T'Pol has already been auctioned off to an Orion, but Archer succeeds in bidding high enough for all the other members of his crew. When the would-be slaves are beamed back to Enterprise, Trip analyzes a purloined neurolytic restraint so that he can send a code to Archer and Soong that would free T'Pol from her restraint.

As Archer and Soong then punch up the code that frees T'Pol, bedlam breaks loose in the slave market as others are unexpectedly freed as well. However, Soong takes this golden opportunity to make his own getaway, and he and Archer wage a battle against each other in the chaotic slave market. Fortunately, Archer prevails, but he realizes that Soong lured Enterprise into this Orion ordeal precisely to plan his own escape. After Archer and Soong are beamed back aboard Enterprise, Archer demands that Soong lead him to the Augments, but a jailed Soong refuses. He pities Archer for not understanding the potential and supremacy of his genetically engineered Augments.

Meanwhile, aboard the apprehended bird-of-prey, a power struggle has taken over the Augments as their number-two leader, Malik, seeks to emerge victorious over Raakin, the group's leader up until now. As they are all in complete and utter devotion to their missing "father" — Dr. Soong — Malik feels Raakin has been leading the Augments astray. However, Malik's lover Persis feigns her devotion for Raakin, helping Malik unleash his plan to dominate the group. As Malik succeeds in rallying the other Augments to follow his command, he and Persis lure Raakin into a trap where he is killed by Malik.

Shortly afterward — with Malik at the helm — the Augments' bird-of-prey damages and hails Enterprise, seeking to dock. Malik comes aboard, disgusted that their beloved Soong has been relegated to the brig. Nearly choking Archer to death while Reed and some MACOs stand by helpless, the overpowering Malik demands that Soong be released. When Soong is, he and the Augments are euphorically reunited. Soong then tells Malik to spare Archer and his crew; Soong and the Augments will be too far away from Archer and a damaged Enterprise to be found and caught. Then, on board the bird-of-prey with his Augments, Soong ominously announces that they are going to build a new world together and must now retrieve the thousands of Augment "brothers and sisters" waiting to be born.

Cold Station 12

Captain Archer and his crew discover that Dr. Arik Soong and his army of superhumans, the Augments, are bent on "awakening" thousands of genetically-altered embryos. That mission would render humanity extinct, as the Augments would take over mankind. Trying to find where Soong has taken the bird-of-prey which the Augments commandeered, Archer takes Enterprise to Trialas, where the Augments were "raised" years ago by Soong. There, Archer and Trip uncover Soong's plan, and realize that the embryos are on a medical research facility — which also stockpiles highly virulent diseases for research — called Cold Station 12. Soong is clearly making plans to incubate the embryos to be "born." While looking through the settlement where Soong raised the Augments — but left them a decade ago after being captured — the crew also finds Smike, a less-than-perfect Augment who has been left behind.

Certain that Smike can help him further unfurl Soong's plan, Archer ingratiates himself and eventually convinces him to join Enterprise's mission in stopping the Augments. As Enterprise heads to Cold Station 12, Soong and the Augments have indeed arrived, taking C-12 workers hostage and furiously trying to procure the embryos which are currently locked away. Soong and the Augments' self-proclaimed leader Malik bear down on the facility's medical director, Dr. Jeremy Lucas, a Denobulan and good friend of Dr. Phlox. At first, Lucas insists that he doesn't have the access code to free the embryos from their stasis chamber, but the Augments — with their superior abilities — soon learn otherwise, and threaten Lucas' life if he doesn't divulge the information they need.

Soon after, Enterprise comes near Cold Station, but Soong pledges to kill Lucas if the ship doesn't turn around. Though Archer initially accedes to Soong's command, he has another plan in mind. Mayweather then arranges to transport Archer, Reed, Trip, Phlox, Smike and MACOs onto Cold Station to thwart Soong's efforts. But shortly after they arrive on Cold Station, they are quickly overcome by the far-stronger Augments, who are completely impermeable to attacks of any kind. Soon brought to Soong — and reunited with his nemesis once again — Archer promises to prevail. And, in fact, when T'Pol hails the Station, Archer — though held captive — orders her to proceed with launching a destruct code, that Starfleet has given them, which will decimate Cold Station 12.
Though T'Pol carries out the order, the Augments are able to block the code. T'Pol then scurries to find other means to destroy Cold Station 12. Yet, as she does, Augments still in the commandeered bird-of-prey block Enterprise's every move.

Then, as Malik and other Augments realize Lucas' connection to Phlox, they threaten to kill the Enterprise doctor with a deadly pathogen on board the Station if Lucas won't give up the access code to release the embryos. Fearing for his friend's life, Lucas discloses the information they need. Soong is awestruck as he is reunited with the thousands of embryos.

Afterward, as Malik leads Archer and the others to a containment cell, he tells them that Soong and the Augments will be leaving shortly with the embryos. When they do, Malik says that they will also release a pathogen that will kill those left on Cold Station 12. And as his bravado reaches a fever pitch, Malik even kills Smike to prove his superiority. Helplessly, T'Pol and the others aboard Enterprise watch as the Augments' bird-of-prey looms nearby and Soong, Malik and the Augments — via a medical shuttle from C-12 — go aboard it with their released embryos in tow.

Left behind on C-12, Archer and the others now must determine a way off the station — or somehow stop the deadly pathogen's release — before they succumb to its fatal effects.

The Augments

Trapped on Cold Station 12 with soon-to-be-released deadly pathogens, Captain Jonathan Archer barely manages to divert them before being transported back aboard Enterprise in the nick of time, narrowly escaping death. Now more than ever, Archer is driven to track down Dr. Arik Soong and the Augments in their hijacked Klingon bird-of-prey as they seek refuge in an isolated locale to "raise" thousands of just-begotten Augment embryos.

Aboard the bird-of-prey, Malik — who considers himself the Augments' true leader now — continually questions Soong's leadership. And Soong is shocked to learn that — instead of having their ship take them to a safe haven — Malik has designs on a far more diabolical plan. With pathogens he has purloined from Cold Station 12, Malik wants to unleash them aboard torpedoes aimed at the Klingons' Qu'vat colony. With the Klingons blaming humans on that ensuing tragedy, Malik knows a war would undoubtedly result which would keep Klingons and Starfleet embittered and embattled as the Augments rise to power. Conversely, Malik is upset to discover that Soong has decided to manipulate the DNA of the embryos to make them less violent. Malik realizes that Soong must have also fixed "mistakes" in his generation of Augments as well.

On Enterprise, Archer and his crew make headway in determining how to track down Soong and the Augments. But when Archer makes contact with them, Soong orders an attack, and their two ships engage in battle. Yet just as Archer feels that stopping Soong and his "offspring" is imminent, Soong waylays them by stranding a female Denobulan in a shuttle that he knows Archer will rescue. Even so, Archer pledges that he will see Soong again soon.

After their unexpected detour, Archer enlists the crew's expertise in pinpointing Soong's bird-of-prey once again. But trouble is brewing for Soong aboard his ship. Malik has corralled the other lead Augments — including Soong's favorite, Persis — in removing Soong from command and imprisoning him aboard the ship. Soong is hardly surprised, but also realizes that he must stop Malik's deadly plan: it will only prove what others say about the Augments and all the Augments will be killed as a result.

Persis helps Soong escape in a shuttlepod and he calls on his only option: a surprised Archer. Archer isn't convinced that the duplicitous Soong is actually on his side, even with his scenario that Malik has planned to attack a Klingon colony. But Soong is able to prove his case with evidence on the stolen pathogens. With that information, Archer has Soong work with the Enterprise crew on once again finding the Augments' ship and intercepting their fatal torpedoes.

Having discovered that Soong has escaped, Malik — who has sussed out Persis as his traitor and killed her — takes command of the bird-of-prey to attack the Klingon colony. Soon, he is engaged in trying to accomplish his deadly mission before Enterprise catches up with him. But the two are soon in battle as Enterprise succeeds in halting the torpedoes' course, and the Augments sustain massive injuries. However, this accomplishment only seems to embolden Malik further as he prepares to continue an assault on Enterprise. At that point, Soong pleads with Malik to stop and save his brethren. Shortly thereafter an explosion rips through the bird-of-prey, decimating it. However, Malik has escaped the ruin by transporting himself onto Enterprise, where he is bent on killing Soong, and proceeds to strangle him. Archer then saves Soong by shooting and killing Malik.

While Archer has afforded Soong some leniencay since he helped save the Klingon colony, the doctor must still return to jail, as Archer accompanies him to the Starfleet Detention Center. Despite Soong's last research ending so disastrously, he decides to commence other studies ... this time concentrating on artificial lifeforms.

The Forge

A tragic incident shakes human-Vulcan relations to the core when a bomb is set off in a protected area of the United Earth Embassy that claims 43 lives, including that of Admiral Forrest. The bomb detonated just before the High Command may have been announcing its intent to conduct joint missions with Starfleet. In the throes of the blast, Forrest actually saved the life of an extremely grateful Soval. As Enterprise is called to Vulcan after the tragedy, Soval comes aboard the ship with the head of the Vulcan High Command, Administrator V'Las, and his security chief, Stel. With the embassy officially on Earth soil, Captain Jonathan Archer is to handle the official investigation. The initial research from the bomb fragments that Mayweather and Reed extricate finds the DNA fingerprint of a Vulcan, T'Pau. She is a member of the Syrrannites, a zealous Vulcan sect that believes in — among other Vulcan taboos — the practice of mind-melding. Syrrannites follow a corrupted form of the teachings of Surak, the father of Vulcan logic who is considered the most important Vulcan who ever lived. A wanted man named Syrran is the sect's current leader. With a Syrrannite now suspected, V'Las announces that Vulcans will take over the investigation.

Despite the frosty relations Soval has weathered with Archer, he tells the captain that they must team up to find the culprit … so that one day Vulcans and humans really can work together on a joint mission.

T'Pol's in-name-only husband Koss then arrives on board to give T'Pol an IDIC pendant from her mother, T'Les, which — to T'Pol — is mysterious and portends trouble for her mother. But more surprising, Koss tells T'Pol that her mother is a Syrrannite. T'Pol then finds that the IDIC actually projects a holographic relief map that Syrrannites — currently afraid of persecution — are following. Archer knows that by using this map they can find T'Pol's mother, and T'Pau. However, their journey will take them across a horrific swath of Vulcan desert known as "The Forge,” and once there, all communications will be impossible. As Archer leaves the ship for the inhospitable territory, he warns Trip not to trust the Vulcans aboard as the crew tends to a sick bay full of injured bomb victims.

Then, Trip and Phlox make a fateful discovery when they determine that the DNA on the bomb fragment has been forged. They realize that T'Pol and Archer — whom they cannot even reach right now — may be after the wrong culprit. Determined to find out the true criminal, Trip reviews security tapes from those admitted to the embassy the morning of the tragedy and pinpoints one possible suspect. He realizes that one of the injured in sickbay was the guard who would have seen, admitted, recognized — and known — the culprit. But Phlox warns that the guard is in a coma. Still, Trip is certain that they must have some recourse in finding out more from the man, and suggests to Soval the possibility of a mind-meld. Initially, Soval is aghast at the prospects but soon realizes he has no choice if they hope to find out more about how this tragedy could have happened. Soval performs the mind-meld himself and — to his surprise — realizes that Stel planted the bomb. Confronting Stel and V'Las, Soval hopes to get Stel to admit his wrongdoing and then be brought up on charges with the High Command. But once V'Las and Stel realize that Soval obtained the information that would convict them through a mind-meld, the pair realize they have gotten away with murder. Yet despite the repercussions he may endure, Soval is committed to telling the High Command what he knows … and how V'Las wants to blame the bomb tragedy on the Syrrannites.

As T'Pol and Archer travel through the inhospitable Forge, they meet up with a stranger who claims his name is Arev. He treats Archer with disdain and is hesitant to believe that he and T'Pol are interested in finding out more about the Syrrannite way of life. Arev — who does not reveal his true identity as Syrran — is reticent to bond further with T'Pol and Archer until he gets a better read on their motives. But, as the three are holed up in Syrran's cave during a sandfire storm, Syrran sees T'Pol's IDIC pendant. He realizes that he knows all about T'Pol, and her missions on Enterprise. He tells her that T'Les is safe with the others in the T'Karath Sanctuary and that — after the sandfire storm dies down — he will take them both there. Further, he speaks reverently of Surak and how one Syrrannite actually holds Surak's "katra” — the essence of his mind. Anyone who performs a mind-meld with this certain Syrrannite also touches the mind of Surak. Then, an explosion rips through the cave, and Syrran is gravely injured. As Archer tries to help the dying Vulcan, Syrran performs a mind meld on an unwitting Archer. In the process, Archer — unbeknownst to him — gathers all the information he needs to take he and T'Pol to the Sanctuary … and actually now posseses Surak's "katra” as well.

Confused over Archer's seeming omniscience, T'Pol and he arrive at the Sanctuary. Immediately they are attacked, and Archer is threatened with a knife to his neck; the Syrrannites have no idea that he holds the mind — and persona — of their revered leader.


As Captain Jonathan Archer and T'Pol reach the Syrrannite compound after crossing the treacherous Forge expanse, they are immediately treated like traitors. But as T'Pol's mom T'Les comes forward, the Syrrannite de facto leader T'Pau backs off a bit, especially after she realizes a dangerous exchange has taken place. Before he died, the Syrrannites revered leader Syrran mind-melded with Archer, giving the captain his "katra.” The Syrrannites regard the "katra” as the living spirit of Surak, a man who died 2,000 years ago and is considered the greatest Vulcan who ever lived. Archer, who has been feeling strangely since Syrran mind-melded with him, is having visions of Surak, and realizes that the notions of katra must be true. Further, while T'Pau tries to extract the katra from Archer through another type of mind-meld, Surak resists, staying firmly planted in Archer's consciousness. Surak has decided that Archer should have this katra; Vulcans cannot possibly understand the severity of dangers they currently face. In trying to protect Vulcans, Surak believes that Archer is his best recourse in saving his race.

Meanwhile, V'Las is determined to lead the Vulcan High Command on a mission to bombard the Syrrannite camp. Despite Soval's findings otherwise, V'Las has convinced his colleagues that the Syrrannites are responsible for the embassy bombing that claimed Vulcan and human lives.

With those machinations playing out, Soval has been denounced by V'Las and the Vulcan High Command for the mind-melding he previously conducted aboard Enterprise. Certain that the High Command is headed in the wrong direction by targeting the Syrrannites for the embassy bombing, Soval decides to align himself with the Enterprise crew. And he is intent on helping Trip retrieve Archer and T'Pol from the Syrrannite compound. With Soval's being aboard a secret, V'Las informs Trip that Enterprise must now leave their airspace. But Trip ignores the order, and instead continues his plan to send Mayweather and Reed on a shuttlepod to rescue Archer and T'Pol. Unbeknownst to Trip and the others, V'Las doesn't want Enterprise in Vulcan airspace because the crew will witness the devastation he will be unleashing on the Syrrannites.

As Mayweather and Reed depart for The Forge — with a finite window of time for the rescue — V'Las strikes the shuttlepod, forcing the duo to return to Enterprise. Back on Enterprise, Trip confronts an angry V'Las. Trip is insistent that he must save Archer and T'Pol, but an unmoved V'Las then attacks Enterprise, pummeling the ship. On Soval's advice, Trip realizes they need another course of action; with V'Las unrelenting, the crew will never be able to help Archer and T'Pol if they don't survive the Vulcans' force so they leave.

Then later, just as V'Las bombards the Syrrannite compound, Archer — with Surak's guidance — tells T'Pau that he can direct her to the "Kir'Shara,” a mysterious artifact that was extremely important to Surak. While no one is certain of the artifact's specific meaning, Syrran apparently brought the Syrrannites to this area to find it. T'Pol and T'Pau follow Archer into a cave, where he discovers the Kir'Shara. However, upon their return to the compound, T'Pol makes a grim discovery: her mother is dying from the torturous Vulcan attack. V'Las has made certain that his ambush would leave no survivors.

As T'Pol contends with the tragedy and she, T'Pau and Archer try to escape the continuing decimation, Soval relays a terrifying scenario to Trip. He finally reveals the secret he had been keeping: the High Command wanted to pin the embassy bombing on the Syrrannites because they are considered pacifists. Loyal to Surak's teachings and resistant to violence, the Syrrannites would have resisted the High Command's current plan to attack Andoria. Despite the fact that Vulcan and Andoria signed a peace treaty, Vulcan intelligence claims that the Andorians are developing a Xindi-type weapon. Armed with that precept, V'Las has persuaded the High Command to launch a pre-emptive strike, which Trip — and Soval — know will start an interstellar war that could impact Earth as well.

Now, more than ever, as V'Las' adversary and for the greater good, Trip sets a course for Andoria …


The Vulcans having decimated the Syrrannite compound, Archer — with T'Pol and T'Pau — is driven on bringing the Kir'Shara relic to the Vulcan High Command. V'Las has succeeded in convincing his fellow High Command members that the Andorians will be using Xindi technology to obliterate the Vulcans — although they have a peace accord in place — and is plotting the attack. Because the future-knowing Surak is literally in his mind, Archer knows that time is of the essence; he must bring the Kir'Shara to the High Command before the Vulcans go to war with the Andorians. Unfortunately for Archer and his traveling companions, V'Las is going to extremes to thwart any interference they may cause in carrying out his battle strategy. Further, their showing up and professing the pacifistic views of the Vulcan Syrrannite faction would nullify his framing them for the embassy bombing. To that end, he has sent his henchman Talok to find Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau and "eradicate” them.

Meanwhile, Trip is intent on halting an Andorian-Vulcan face-off that would surely spell doom for Earth as well. Working with Soval, the two uncover the Vulcan strategy and then take their information to Andorian Commander Shran. Shran is initially uncertain that Soval has Andoria's best interests in mind and goes so far as to beam the Vulcan aboard the Andorian ship for rounds of emotional torment. But finally, when Trip discovers that the missing Soval is in the hands of Shran, he intercedes, convincing Shran that Soval is indeed thwarting his own race's plans for the good of all.

Talok and his crew find Archer, T'Pol and T'Pau, and a battle ensues. While T'Pau leads Archer — and the invaluable Kir'Shara — to safety, T'Pol is captured, to Archer's chagrin. While Talok tries to find the still-at-large Archer and T'Pau, T'Pol is taken to the High Command.

Continuing their trek to the High Command as well, Archer and T'Pau arrive just as V'Las is relishing the beginning battle between the Vulcans and the Andorians. However, Shran has led the Andorians — with Trip and Enterprise's help – to surprise and combat the Vulcan ships. Heavy battle starts but V'Las faces resistance to his plans from fellow High Command members when Archer arrives, claiming he has the Kir'Shara. To prove it, Archer — instinctively working a series of controls on the artifact — unleashes holographic images of Vulcan text and graphics. The Kir'Shara's obvious power and meaning astonishes the High Command members — who now turn against V'Las.

As Archer explains that T'Pau was framed for the embassy bombing, the High Command members realize that — through her work in bringing the Kir'Shara to them — the Vulcans' true path is now revealed.

With that revelation, and as Enterprise and the Andorian ship are doing their best to ward off the Vulcans, the Vulcan ships are called off and a war is averted. Afterward, Archer realizes that Vulcan and Earth are headed into a new era as the High Command is dissolved. Archer also, fortunately, is able to mind-meld with a Vulcan monk, who relieves him of the katra so that Surak is no longer inside his mind.

And while V'Las is relieved of his duty and an investigation is launched into his role in the embassy bombing, he and Talok seem to be in the midst of still continuing more nefarious plans.


Captain Archer is delighted to welcome his mentor, Emory Erickson, who invented the transporter, along with his daughter, Danica, aboard Enterprise to conduct experiments in sub-quantum teleportation. Erickson seems to be progressing nicely in his work, until the ship enters the blackest and most dangerous area in space known as The Barrens, and a member of Starfleet is brutally killed by an amorphous shape.

When it becomes evident to Archer that Erickson lied about the true nature of his mission, Erickson confesses that his objective is to materialize his son Quinn, who was lost in a transporter-malfunction 15 years ago. Although furious with his friend for lying to him and for putting his crew in danger, Archer lends Erickson his support and allows him to carry out his dangerous mission.

With Trip's reluctant engineering assistance, Erickson is able to make contact with his son. But joy quickly turns to horror when Quinn's body materializes in a deteriorated state, and completing the transport process will surely kill him. Archer urges his friend to finally let his son go, but Erickson protests, needing to hold his son one last time to say goodbye. Stoically, Erickson completes the teleportation process and soon cradles his son's lifeless body. T'Pol, who has not yet come to terms with the recent death of her mother, is clearly affected by the touching goodbye of a father to his son.

Observer Effect

While playing a friendly game of chess, it becomes apparent that Reed and Mayweather have been inhabited by two members of an alien species who intend to observe how humans react when faced with an imminent tragedy.

While returning from a routine scavenger expedition on a mysterious planet, Trip collapses from a sudden pain in his lungs, forcing Hoshi to pilot the shuttlepod and make an emergency landing aboard Enterprise. Suddenly, Hoshi also becomes ill and Phlox delivers the devastating prognosis that Hoshi and Trip have been infected by an incurable virus that will leave them dead within hours, as well as anybody with whom they come into contact.

Hoping to ease their pain, Phlox injects Hoshi and Trip with a sedative, causing them to drift off into a deep sleep. Suddenly, Trip and Hoshi sit up in bed, inhabited by the aliens who now wish to experience the sensation of human illness. Phlox, stunned to see Hoshi and Trip awake and talking, gets the shock of his life when the aliens admit their presence in his patients. Phlox is soon silenced when the aliens erase his recent memory, as they have also done with Mayweather and Reed.

After the alien leaves Hoshi's body, she suddenly goes into cardiac arrest. Upon realizing that Phlox can't handle the defibrillator on his own, Archer throws off his gloves and lifts his bio-hazard helmet; thus exposing himself to the deadly virus.

Stoically, Archer accepts his dire fate and, and after placing T'Pol in command, goes to stay with Trip until the end. Trip, now inhabited by one of the aliens, sits up and confesses to a stunned Archer that he is an alien who has been occupying Trip's body in order to conduct research on humans. Archer is furious when the aliens admit to knowing about the deadly virus as well as having the power to cure those infected.

Archer begs the aliens to intervene and save Hoshi and Trip, but his ardent plea falls on deaf ears. Compassion wins out in the end when the aliens bring Hoshi and Trip back to life as a reward for Archer's heroism.

Babel One

The Enterprise crew welcomes aboard a group of Tellarites, including Ambassador Gral, to transport them to the neutral planet of Babel, where Earth mediators will try to settle a long-standing trade dispute between the Tellarites and the Andorians. After receiving fragments of a distress call, Enterprise alters course to provide assistance, and arrives to find that an Andorian vessel has been destroyed by what seems to be a Tellarite ship. Though furious with the Tellarites for compromising the conference, Archer has no choice but to bring the Andorian survivors, including Commander Shran, aboard Enterprise.

After Shran and his crew are rescued, Gral vehemently denies any involvement in the attacks. Suddenly, Enterprise is attacked by what appears to be an Andorian ship, but the attacking vessel quickly moves off and Enterprise lays in a pursuit course.

The alien who seems to be piloting the Andorian ship through a synaptic interface alerts a Romulan scientist named Nijil and a Romulan officer named Valdore, that Enterprise is approaching.

The Enterprise crew locates the ship that attacked them, but the ship is motionless. Trip, Reed, and a few MACOs board the drifting ship to investigate, and are stunned to find it deserted. Panic ensues when the ship suddenly powers up and starts to fire upon Enterprise. Acting quickly, T'Pol is able to beam up the MACOs, but the transporter malfunctions before Trip and Reed can be rescued. As if a bad situation couldn't get any worse, damage to Reed's oxygen hose leaves Reed and Trip with a very limited supply of air to be shared between them.

T'Pol soon learns that the ship that attacked Enterprise was a Romulan vessel altered to look like an Andorian ship. Archer deduces that the Romulans want to start a war between the Andorians and Tellarites, thus halting a possible trade agreement between the two alien races.

While awaiting rescue on the mysterious ship, Reed tells Trip that T'Pol's marriage to Koss has been annulled. The moment is interrupted when the static ship starts rocking violently, knocking Trip and Reed off their feet. After struggling to make their way through the ship, Reed and Trip are mystified when they discover that the bridge is completely deserted as well.

Back aboard Enterprise, Shran and his paramour, Talas, seek revenge for the attack on their ship and execute a surprise ambush against Gral and the other Tellarites. After Talas is severely wounded in the scuffle, Archer stuns both sides when he announces he has evidence that will prove that the Tellarites did not attack Shran and his crew.


Nijil and Valdore continue to control the mysterious Romulan ship that has trapped Reed and Trip, masking it to look like Enterprise and using the ship to destroy a Rigellian vessel. After a Romulan Senator named Vrax chastises Nijil and Valdore for losing control of the ship, Nijil and Valdore vow to kill the humans onboard (Trip and Reed) in order to cover their tracks. Nijil and Valdore trap Trip inside the service junction and leak radiation coolant inside. Over a speaker, Valdore orders Trip to re-establish the damaged warp matrix on the ship or he will die. Reed works frantically to free Trip, but the situation is made worse when the ship engages Enterprise in an intense firefight.

Meanwhile, aboard the real Enterprise, T'Pol devises a plan that will require the cooperative use of 128 space ships in order to expose the real culprit behind the recent attacks. Archer realizes that to amass enough ships to carry out the plan he will need to unite the Andorians and Tellarites. Archer's attempt hits a snag when Talas dies from her wound and a devastated Shran, vowing to avenge her death, challenges Naarg to a duel to the death to be fought with an Ushaan-Tor, an ice-miner's tool.

Knowing that either a Tellarite or an Andorian death will forever halt peace talks in the region, Archer announces to Shran that he will fight him as Graal's replacement. Archer and Shran both fight valiantly, but Archer gets the upper hand and wins, sparing Shran's life.

Aboard the Romulan ship, which is under fire by Enterprise, Reed and Trip narrowly escape death by ejecting themselves from the spacecraft, and are transported back aboard Enterprise. Archer is pleased when the Andorians and the Tellarites agree to stay aboard the ship to hold their peace talks.

Back at the Romulan command center, Valdore makes his case to Nijil and Vrax: Jonathan Archer must die so the Romulans can carry out their goal of reunification with Vulcan.

The Aenar

In the Romulan command center, Senator Vrax admonishes Valdore for the defeat of the drone ship. Vrax is also angry that the Andorians and Tellarites have formed an alliance. Valdore tells Vrax it is all merely a setback. Valdore plans to deal with the humans who brought the Andorians and Tellarites together — he has a second drone armed and ready and is prepared to use the two ships to find Enterprise and destroy it.

Onboard Enterprise, T'Pol brings the crew and Shran up to date: the mysterious drone they encountered is operated by "telepresence," meaning the vessel is controlled by a pilot from a remote location. T'Pol believes that the Enterprise crew can construct their own telepresence unit to disrupt the signal controlling the drone. Later on, Shran tells Archer that Andorian scientists have identified the brainwave pattern of the drone pilot: it is a member of an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, blind, extremely reclusive ice-dwellers.

Archer and Shran embark on a perilous journey through the freezing climates of Andoria to the Aenar compound. When Shran is hurt, the Aenar come to their aid. They tell Archer that the Aenar controlling the drone ship could be Gareb, one of their people who disappeared about a year ago. Archer and Shran want one of the Aenar to come back with them and control the telepresence unit being built on Enterprise, but the pacifist species refuses this request, believing that no good can come from violence. At least one of the Aenar feels differently — Jhamel, Gareb's sister. She wants to help her brother and agrees to return to Enterprise with Archer and Shran.

Meanwhile, Trip, T'Pol and Phlox work on constructing Enterprise's own telepresence unit. Trip wants to be the one to test it, but T'Pol notes that this would not be effective, as Trip is not telepathic. T'Pol volunteers to test it herself instead. Trip protests, but T'Pol holds firm. During the test, T'Pol seems to be having problems breathing. As her synaptic response becomes more and more erratic, Trip orders Phlox to end the test.

Archer and Shran return to Enterprise with Jhamel in tow. The young Aenar tests the telepresence unit — she has more success than T'Pol, but still experiences considerable synaptic problems and is clearly exhausted afterwards. Phlox determines that Jhamel will recover, but insists that it is too dangerous to try the device again. Shran, meanwhile, is clearly impressed with Jhamel's courage.

Later, Enterprise finally engages the drone ships. Down in Sickbay, a still-recovering Jhamel senses Gareb's presence and insists that Phlox allow her to try the telepresence unit again.

As Enterprise endures heavy damage from the two drones, Jhamel uses the telepresence unit to contact Gareb. She tells him that she's on the ship he's attacking. Gareb is devastated — he thought Jhamel and the other Aenar were all dead, and can't believe how many people he's killed by controlling the drone ships. Jhamel reminds him that the Romulans forced him and tells him that he has to stop the killing. Using every ounce of his will, Gareb attacks one drone with the other. As one of the drones explodes, Valdore, furious at the failure of his mission, shoots Gareb. Enterprise targets the other drone and destroys it. Down in sickbay, Jhamel feels her brother die. As Shran helps her out of the telepresence unit, she collapses into his arms.

Later, Shran and Jhamel prepare to return to Andoria. Shran notes that he probably won't be getting another ship any time soon, and tells Archer they may not see each other for a while. As he departs Enterprise, he tells Archer to stay out of trouble.

Meanwhile, Trip has realized that his feelings for T'Pol have been affecting his work on Enterprise. He asks Archer for a transfer to Columbia. Archer is confused by his old friend's request, but reluctantly grants it anyway.


Enterprise has returned to Earth for the launch of the Columbia. While Trip prepares for his transfer, Hoshi and Phlox enjoy dinner in San Francisco. Things turn sour, however, when Phlox is kidnapped by mysterious aliens and taken to a Klingon laboratory on the colony world of Qu'Vat. Dr. Antaak and General K'Vagh inform him that a virus is spreading through the Klingon Empire — they need Phlox's help to devise a cure.

On Enterprise, T'Pol mindmelds with Hoshi, hoping that the ensign will remember something about Phlox's kidnappers. The duo manages to deduce that the kidnappers were speaking Rigelian, so Enterprise takes off after a recently departed Rigelian vessel.

On the Columbia, Trip has dinner with his new captain, Erika Hernandez. Erika is surprised that Trip accepted a transfer, and Trip simply says that he was getting too close to some of his Enterprise crewmates — sometimes it's easier to work with people who are merely colleagues. Back on Enterprise, T'Pol has a strange meditation session in which she sees and interacts with Trip. On Columbia, Trip appears to have the same vision.

Meanwhile, Reed is approached by a mysterious man named Harris, who has an assignment for him. Reed balks, since the assignment will mean deceiving Archer, but Harris insists it may be the only way to save Phlox.

Archer and the crew eventually find the Rigelian vessel, but it's been destroyed and there are no survivors. Suddenly, Enterprise is attacked by a small, mysterious vessel. A group of fierce, human-like aliens board the ship and interfere with Enterprise's systems. One of their boarding party, Marab, is hit by MACO fire and is left behind as the rest of the aliens flee. Archer wants to follow the strange ship, but Enterprise's systems appear to be disabled. In Sickbay, Archer asks Marab why his people attacked Enterprise. Strangely enough, Marab responds in Klingon — and according to his bio-signature, he is Klingon. The crew isn't sure what to make of this, but in the meantime, Archer asks T'Pol and Hoshi to reconstruct data recovered from the Rigelian ship.

On Qu'Vat, the Klingons bring Phlox a Klingon specimen for dissection — the "specimen," however, is still alive. Phlox notices that the specimen 's skin appears to be peeling, his forehead ridges smoothing out. Despite the doctor's protests, K'Vagh kills the ailing Klingon, giving Phlox something to study. As Phlox works, he discovers something disturbing — his specimen has Augment DNA.

Phlox realizes the Klingons were attempting to create Klingon Augments. Unfortunately, there were some unanticipated side effects, and the Augments' forehead ridges began to dissolve. Antaak says that it seemed for a while as if the experiment was successful — the Klingon Augments looked human, but were still very Klingon in nature. Then their neural pathways began to degrade and they died in agony. One of the Klingon test subjects happened to be suffering from the Levodian flu — the Augment genes modified the virus and it became airborne, resulting in the current plague.

Back on Enterprise, Archer has discovered that Reed lied to him. Reed erased important information pertaining to the Rigelian ship and claimed the ship was destroyed by Orion weapons. T'Pol, however, tells Archer it was actually destroyed by Klingons. When Reed refuses to tell the captain what's really going on, a furious Archer confines him to the brig.

On Qu'Vat, Phlox and Antaak are running out of time. K'Vagh tells them they must devise a cure in five days. Phlox insists this is impossible, so Antaak proposes an alternate solution: successfully create Klingon Augments and figure out a way for them to survive. The Augments could be used as leverage and the High Council would be forced to give Antaak and Phlox more time to find a cure. Phlox, however, refuses to assist in this experiment.

Meanwhile, Enterprise is experiencing difficulties, having been sabotaged by Marab and the other altered Klingons . The only way to keep the warp reactor from breaching is to increase speed. Desperate, Archer orders Mayweather to take the ship to warp 5.2 — faster than Enterprise has ever gone before.


In Enterprise's brig, Archer briefs Reed on the situation: the Klingons altered the ship's engineering subroutines and if Enterprise drops below warp 5, the reactor will explode. Archer has a plan to bring Trip aboard from Columbia, but he needs Reed's help.

Enterprise and Columbia, both flying at breakneck speed, get into formation. Reed deploys a cable from Launch Bay 2, which Trip uses to maneuver from one ship to the other. Once onboard, Trip sets his plan into action, shutting down Enterprise's warp reactor and purging the subroutines. Enterprise moves inside Columbia's warp field in order to maintain speed. The plan is risky, but it's a success — Enterprise is back in working order.

On Qu'Vat, Antaak approaches Phlox, who is barely conscious after being badly beaten. After reviewing Phlox's research, Antaak believes the doctor has discovered a weakness in the virus that's causing the plague among Klingons. There may be a way to stop the genetic effects of the virus in the early stages, meaning there will be changes in the affected Klingons' appearances, but no further developments, such as enhanced strength and speed. This means that Phlox and Antaak should be able to cure the virus, but it will not result in the Klingon Augments K'Vagh wants. Antaak suggests that he and Phlox simply keep that part a secret from K'Vagh. Realizing that this may be the only way to find a cure, Phlox agrees.

Meanwhile, the metagenic Klingons who boarded Enterprise report to K'Vagh. Their leader, Laneth, tells K'Vagh that Enterprise was destroyed and Marab — who is K'Vagh's son — was killed by humans. K'Vagh storms into the lab and asks Phlox and Antaak for an update. Phlox says that he is close to perfecting the Augment genome — but he needs more time.

On Enterprise, Archer has discovered Reed's communications with the mysterious Harris and orders Reed to send Harris a message. Later, Harris contacts Archer. He tells the captain that Phlox must complete his assignment and find a cure. If Archer tries to interfere, the after effects will have grave implications for entire worlds. Reed apologizes to Archer for his deceit, revealing that he became a part of covert operations when he was just an ensign, and thought his involvement was over. The lieutenant decides that his loyalties lie with Archer: he tells the captain that Starfleet Intelligence believes the Klingons have a genetic research facility on Qu'Vat Colony.

On Qu'Vat, Phlox works furiously, racing against time. Under K'Vagh's orders, he infects K'Vagh, Antaak, and two Klingon guards with different strains of the virus to figure out which one holds the cure. Suddenly, Archer and Marab burst into the lab. Archer and K'Vagh argue, but Phlox interrupts: he only needs a little more time to find a cure for the plague. K'Vagh is angry that Phlox lied about working on the Augment genome, but Phlox points out that finding a cure is the only way to keep Marab from dying.

Unfortunately, Phlox is running out of time faster than he bargained for: Fleet Admiral Krell and his ships are approaching, and they're prepared to wipe out Qu'Vat colony. Enterprise and Columbia do their best to hold the Klingon ships off while Phlox continues to work. Phlox notes that there is a way to speed up the process — he needs a human host to replicate antibodies and finish the antivirus. Archer volunteers.

The plan works and, as Archer screams in pain, his forehead rippling, Phlox collects a sample of the cure. He then has Antaak transport a potent sample of the metagenic virus to Krell's ship — if Krell powers down his weapons, Phlox will give him the cure. Krell deems this a cowardly attack, but in the end, he has no choice but to stand down. The Klingon High Council agrees to distribute the cure throughout the Empire.

Onboard Enterprise, Phlox examines Antaak. After being infected with the virus, the Klingon doctor's forehead ridges have completely disappeared — he has become a metagenic Klingon. Antaak is a bit disturbed and notes that millions of Klingons will have to live with this cosmetic change, which will be passed down to their children. Ever hopeful, Phlox tells him that it may be possible, in the future, to reverse the effects. Moved by his new friend's help, Antaak thanks Phlox.

Meanwhile, Harris contacts Reed once more. The lieutenant is firm, however — he bluntly tells Harris to never contact him again. Reed says that from now on, he only answers to one commanding officer — Jonathan Archer.


En route to a potential site for the first in a series of Starbases, Enterprise is hailed by an Orion ship. The ship's commander, Harrad-Sar, has a proposal to make: he claims to know of a planet with large deposits of magnesite and says he will give Archer the coordinates in exchange for a share of the profits. He also agrees to open a dialogue between Starfleet and the Orion Syndicate. To celebrate their new partnership, Harrad-Sar presents Archer with a gift: three Orion slave girls.

Soon, the Enterprise crew begins experiencing difficulties: the men seem preoccupied, aggressive, and delusional, while the women suffer from headaches and listlessness. Even Archer isn't immune — he finds himself falling under the spell of the lead Orion slave woman, Navaar, and begins acting in an uncharacteristically irrational manner. Also affected is Enterprise's chief engineer, Kelby, who resents the fact that Trip hasn't returned to Columbia yet. Kelby soon finds himself intimately involved with one of the Orion women, D'Nesh, who convinces him to sabotage the ship's engines and attack Trip.

Phlox determines that the Orion women have exposed the ship to a very potent pheromone — the only crewmembers who don't seem to be affected are Trip and T'Pol. T'Pol deduces that she is immune because of her Vulcan physiology. When Vulcans mate, she notes, a psychic bond is formed — feelings, thoughts and images can be shared. This, then, is why Trip is immune — and explains the strange, shared daydreams both he and T'Pol have been having.

After discovering that the Orion women have been communicating with Harrad-Sar, Archer confines them to the decon chamber. As Trip and T'Pol rush to fix the ship's engines, Harrad-Sar tracks down Enterprise and confronts Archer. The Orion Syndicate, he says, wants Archer's head — and they don't care whether or not it's attached to his body.

As Harrad-Sar launches an attack on Enterprise, he reveals something to Archer: he is merely a "slave" to the situation. Archer realizes the truth: it is the Orion men, not the women, who are the slaves. Harrad-Sar's ship attaches a powerful grappler to Enterprise, and begins towing it. Meanwhile, the three Orion women escape from decon and head up to the bridge. Archer tries to resist their advances, but the Orions are affecting his judgment -- they convince him to arrest T'Pol, who is working furiously to free Enterprise from Harrad-Sar's grappler. Before T'Pol can be taken away, however, Trip emerges on the bridge and takes Archer down with a phase-pistol. With Archer out of the way, T'Pol takes out Harrad-Sar's engines and weapons, freeing Enterprise. Defeated, the Orion women return to their ship.

As the crew recovers from the effects of the pheromones, Trip finally gets T'Pol to admit that she wants him to stay on the ship. After the two share a tender kiss, Trip tells her that he's asked for a transfer back to Enterprise.

In a Mirror, Darkly, Part I

In the Mirror Universe, an amoral, imperialistic version of the Enterprise crew is led by Captain Forrest and his treacherous first officer, Archer. Archer has proposed that the ship head into Tholian space, where a mysterious vessel has been captured. Archer believes the ship may contain the technology that would be valuable to the Terran Empire. Forrest, however, thinks Archer is merely trying to seize power, and dismisses the idea.

A determined Archer has another plan up his sleeve, however — with help from Major Reed and Sergeant Mayweather, he stages a mutiny, taking control of the ship and imprisoning Forrest in the brig. Archer promotes Commander T'Pol to first officer, appoints Mayweather his personal guard, and takes up with Forrest's lover, Hoshi.

As Enterprise approaches Tholian space, the crew captures a Tholian pilot. Phlox takes great pleasure in torturing the creature, who finally gives Archer the information he wants: the exact location of the mysterious vessel.

In Engineering, Trip and T'Pol work to install a Suliban cloaking device on Enterprise. Something goes wrong, however, and a power overload damages the cloak. Archer realizes it was sabotage, and Reed determines that the saboteur was Trip. Reed tortures Trip using the sadistic agony booth, but the engineer offers no further information. Later, Archer has another realization: the target of the sabotage wasn't the cloak — it was the ship's internal sensors. In fact, the actual culprit was T'Pol, who mind-melded with Trip and tricked him into performing the sabotage.

T'Pol frees Forrest from the brig and the duo takes control of the bridge. Archer, however, has a surprise for them: he's encrypted the ship's controls, and they won't be released until Enterprise has reached its destination in Tholian space. Forrest is furious, but there's not much he can do — especially when he is ordered to investigate the captured ship.

Archer briefs the senior staff on the ship: it is believed that the vessel came from a parallel universe via an interphasic rift. What's more, the ship isn't just from another reality — it's also from another time, about 100 years in the future.

Once Trip gets the cloaking device working, Enterprise heads for the coordinates of the future ship. The ship, which bears the name and registry U.S.S. Defiant, NCC-1764, is being kept inside a Tholian spacedock facility. Forrest sends an assault team, led by Archer, onboard. He tells T'Pol to accompany the team — and to make sure Archer doesn't come back alive. The team boards the ship, which is littered with dead human bodies. Still, they manage to bring the Defiant's systems online.

Onboard Enterprise, the Tholian prisoner wakes up and starts making a racket . Phlox kills it, but Enterprise's problems aren't over: several Tholian ships are approaching. Using continuous streams of energy, the Tholian vessels form a complex web that completely surrounds Enterprise. As the web closes in on the ship, Forrest tries to fight back, but to no avail. Desperate, he orders everyone to abandon ship. From the bridge of the Defiant, Archer and his team watch in shock as Enterprise explodes with Forrest onboard.

In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II

Moment after watching Enterprise's fiery explosion, Archer and his team are attempting to escape on the Defiant. The Tholian ships try to trap them with their deadly web, but Archer and crew manage to get the Defiant's systems working and use the ship to fight their way out. They also bring the escape pods from Enterprise onboard.

Archer and Hoshi peruse the ship's computer for information on their parallel universe counterparts. Archer is shocked to find no mention of the Empire — only something called "The United Federation of Planets." He's also disturbed to learn that his alternate universe counterpart is a starship captain and revered explorer.

The crew eventually discovers that they are not alone on the Defiant — a strange, reptilian creature known as a Gorn is hiding onboard, and he seems intent on sabotaging the ship. Archer goes after the Gorn and the two engage in an intense physical scuffle. Archer manages to get the upper hand by changing the gravity in that particular section of the ship and shoots the alien.

Later, the Defiant saves an imperial starship, the Avenger, from a rebel attack. Admiral Black, who is in command of the Avenger, is shocked to see Archer at the helm of this futuristic, alternate Earth vessel. Black tells Archer he will recommend him for a command as soon as possible, but Archer is impatient. Tormented by mocking visions of his more accomplished parallel universe counterpart, Archer becomes enraged. He's determined not to let Black take the Defiant from him. His megalomania and paranoia building, Archer shoots and kills Black. He then brings the Avenger's crew under his command and tells them that he plans to seize control of the Empire.

At least one person isn't sure of this plan, however . T'Pol believes that Archer will use the Defiant's advanced weapons to completely wipe out the rebellion, including thousands of Vulcans. She approaches Avenger crewmember Soval with a plan of her own — she wants to steal the data on Defiant's engines and tactical systems, give it to the rebels and destroy the ship. The duo manages to recruit Phlox and other non-Terrans to their cause.

T'Pol is found out and taken prisoner, but Soval manages to get control of the Avenger while Phlox sabotages the Defiant. It's all for naught, however — Phlox is taken down before he can complete his sabotage and the Defiant destroys the Avenger.

Later, onboard the Defiant, Archer and Hoshi celebrate. Archer plans to erase the ship's historical database, to prevent information getting out on the alternate universe. As Archer toasts his imminent reign as Emperor, he suddenly finds himself gasping for breath. He realizes that Hoshi has poisoned him. As Archer takes his final breaths, Hoshi reveals her co-conspirator: Mayweather. The two kiss passionately while Archer dies.

Now in command of the Defiant, Hoshi orders all to surrender to Empress Sato — the new ruler of the Terran Empire.


The Enterprise crew is back on Earth for an historic conference — humans, Vulcans, Andorians and other species have gathered together to form a coalition of planets. The conference is interrupted, however, when a disheveled woman bursts in and collapses to the ground. Before she dies, she presses a vial containing human hair into T'Pol's hand. Upon analyzing the hair, Phlox comes to a puzzling conclusion: it appears to belong to the offspring of Trip and T'Pol. T'Pol has never been pregnant, but she senses that what Phlox says is true: she and Trip have a daughter out there.

Hoping to get more information, Archer has Reed contact the mysterious covert operative Harris. Harris tells Reed that the woman who interrupted the conference, Susan Khouri, was a member of the underground xenophobic movement Terra Prime. Terra Prime's goal is to stop all human contact with alien species — they believe alien interference is corrupting humanity's way of life. Harris thinks Khouri was trying to leave the movement — and that her defection may have had something to do with Trip and T'Pol's child. He adds that Terra Prime is planning something, and the child may be involved somehow. If the Enterprise crew can find the child, they'll have the answers.

Thanks to clues from Susan Khouri's autopsy, the crew concludes that there may be a Terra Prime base in the mining colony of Orpheus, which is located on the moon. Trip and T'Pol go on an undercover mission to the colony, disguised as miners. Trip manages to infiltrate a Terra Prime meeting, but his cover is blown and he's taken prisoner. T'Pol is also captured, and the duo is brought before John Frederick Paxton, the leader of Terra Prime. Paxton, who is obviously passionate about his cause, is disgusted by Starfleet's attempts at friendly alien-human relations. He's determined to return Earth to its "rightful owners" — humanity.

On Enterprise, Mayweather has re-connected with an old flame, reporter Gannet Brooks. The two become romantically involved, but then Gannet is exposed as a spy for Terra Prime and thrown in the brig.

Meanwhile, Paxton orders the launch of the mining facility, which has been rigged to act as a very large ship. As Trip and T'Pol hang on for dear life, the facility lifts off the ground and goes to warp. With Enterprise in hot pursuit, the mining facility lands on Mars, near the planet's verteron array.

Paxton sends a subspace message on all frequencies. He declares that he's taken control of the Mars verteron array and can fire on any ship or facility in the system. As an example, Paxton fires on Earth's moon, gouging a large crater. Paxton says he won't use the weapon again, provided all non-humans leave the system immediately. Warming up to his zealous speech Paxton intones, "Terra Prime, forever…"

Terra Prime

As Paxton continues to deliver his xenophobic address, Enterprise's crew and the delegates assembled at Starfleet Command watch the broadcast in horror. Paxton shows an image of a half-Vulcan, half-human child — Trip and T'Pol's baby — as an example of how humanity's genetic pool will be diluted if alien-human relations continue. He notes that for the next 24 hours, he will guarantee safe passage for all aliens leaving the system. If any non-humans remain in the system after the deadline, Paxton will not hesitate to use the verteron array, and he will starts by blowing up Starfleet Command. As the Enterprise crew works furiously to block Paxton's transmission, they suddenly find their ship being targeted by the array. They manage to bid a hasty escape just as Enterprise is about to be destroyed.

At Starfleet Command, Earth dignitary Nathan Samuels is attempting to hold the conference together. Samuels tells Archer that he must destroy the array. Archer, however, is reluctant, especially since Paxton is still holding Trip and T'Pol hostage. He proposes that he take a small team into the mining facility to stop Paxton and Terra Prime. Using a shuttlepod, Archer and his team hitch a ride on the tail of a comet so that they will be able to reach the array undetected. It's rough-going and the shuttlepod appears to be malfunctioning, but they make it to the surface in one piece.

Meanwhile, Paxton has allowed Trip and T'Pol to see their baby. T'Pol deduces that the child is a binary clone created from their DNA. Paxton notes that he acquired the DNA thanks to a Terra Prime spy aboard Enterprise. Paxton then forces Trip to refine the array's targeting system. Trip tries to sabotage it, but he's found out — still, he refuses to help Paxton turn the array into a deadly weapon.

Later, T'Pol confronts Paxton. Using her bio-scanner, she's come to two conclusions. First of all, her daughter is very ill and requires medical attention. Second, Paxton is suffering from Taggart's Syndrome and is using Rigelian gene therapy to treat himself. The very thing that Paxton's so afraid of — alien knowledge — is the only thing keeping him alive.

On Enterprise, Hoshi is in command, prepared to destroy the array if Archer's mission is unsuccessful. Samuels thinks the time has come to fire on the array, but Hoshi holds firm — she has to give Archer more time. For their part, Archer's team has made it into the mining facility and reunited with Trip. The team bursts in to the control room, just as Hoshi's about to open fire on the array. Relieved, Hoshi stands down.

The team attempts to shut down the array, but an explosive fire fight erupts between Paxton's followers and the Enterprise crew. With Trip knocked out and nearly unconscious, it's up to Archer to fight off Paxton and stop the array. Paxton, however, has locked the sequence — Archer can't prevent the array from firing. At the very last minute, Trip regains consciousness and manages to adjust the targeting system. The array fires into the ocean, resulting in nothing more than a harmless cloud of steam.

With Paxton in custody, Enterprise returns to Earth. The actions of Paxton and Terra Prime, however, continue to have consequences. Samuels notes that the groundbreaking interspecies conference is all but over. Additionally, Trip and T'Pol's daughter, who they've named Elizabeth, is dying. Phlox determines that their human and Vulcan DNA are not compatible.

Meanwhile, Mayweather and Reed realize that the malfunctioning shuttlepod they took on the Mars mission was sabotaged. The culprit , a young engineer named Masaro, is the Terra Prime spy onboard Enterprise. Tragically, Masaro kills himself once he's found out.

Later, at Starfleet Command, Samuels asks his fellow delegates to move ahead with the planned interspecies alliance, despite the actions of Terra Prime. As the crew of Enterprise looks on, Archer delivers a rousing speech, urging all of the species in attendance to work together to explore the stars. Soval, the Vulcan ambassador who once disapproved of Archer and Enterprise's mission, is the first to start clapping. Soon, the delegates are on their feet, giving Archer a standing ovation.

Back on Enterprise, Mayweather makes peace with Gannet, who is actually working for Starfleet Intelligence — her mission was to find the real Terra Prime spy on the ship. Ever the gentleman, Mayweather offers to give her a shuttlepod ride home. Meanwhile, T'Pol and Trip mourn the death of their daughter. Trip tells T'Pol that Phlox discovered something: there was a flaw in the cloning techniques Paxton's doctors used. There's no medical reason why a human and a Vulcan wouldn't be able to produce a healthy child . Tearfully, Trip notes that he finds this new information comforting. Obviously moved, T'Pol wordlessly reaches over and grasps his hand.

These Are the Voyages...

In the future, long after the era of Captain Archer and his crew, Commander Riker watches a holodeck re-creation of a key moment in Federation history. Riker is hoping the events of this time will help him make some important decisions of his own.

It's ten years after the Enterprise NX-01 embarked on its mission and the crew is heading back to Earth for the decommission of Enterprise and the signing of the Federation charter. Archer is hard at work on a speech for this special moment, but he is interrupted by a hail from his old friend Shran. Shran, who is no longer with the Andorian Imperial Guard, tells Archer he needs Enterprise's help — his daughter has been kidnapped by some shady former associates. T'Pol doesn't trust the Andorian and thinks aiding him will make Enterprise late for the signing of the charter. Archer, however, is determined to help Shran.

Enterprise's crew mounts a daring rescue mission, and manages to escape from Shran's alien enemies with his daughter in tow. During the mission, Trip nearly dies, but Archer saves him at the last minute. As they continue on their way to Earth, the crew takes a moment to reflect on the last 10 years. Everyone's a little emotional — even T'Pol, who tells Trip that she will miss him once they go their separate ways.

The peaceful journey is shattered, however, when Shran's former associates track down Enterprise and board the ship. They demand that Archer take them to Shran, but the captain refuses. The aliens are about to kill Archer, so Trip, thinking fast, tells them that he will take them to Shran. When Archer protests, the aliens knock him out. Trip leads the aliens into what appears to be a harmless utility closet — he tells them it's simply a com station and he's going to get Shran to come to them. Trip tells them he just needs to connect a couple of things, but when he brings a pair of conduits together, a massive explosion erupts, taking out both Trip and the aliens. Trip is critically wounded — despite Phlox's best efforts, he dies.

Later, T'Pol and Archer reflect on Trip's death as they pack away his things. Archer notes that when he took command 10 years ago, he saw himself as an explorer, excited about new discoveries and convinced that the risks of space travel were worth it. Now, his friend is dead and he has to write a speech about how worthwhile their mission has been. T'Pol gently points out that Trip would be the first to say it's been worthwhile.

On Earth, Archer prepares to give his speech to an auditorium packed with dignitaries from other worlds. As he gets ready to go out and address the crowd, T'Pol tells him that he looks quite heroic. Overcome with emotion, Archer envelops her in a tight embrace before heading out to make his speech.

With that, Riker ends his holodeck program, feeling that his time spent with the crew of the NX-01 has been more than worthwhile.