ENT Saison 2

Enterprise saison 2 : les épisodes

Shockwave, Part II

Silik and his Suliban soldiers board Enterprise to search the ship for Captain Archer, who T'Pol insists disappeared when he left to give himself up. Meanwhile, Archer is stuck in the 31st century with Daniels, trying to determine why his removal from the 22nd century led to the devastation they are witnessing. Daniels is stunned to discover that a monument commemorating an organization called the "Federation" was never built. The two find a dilapidated old library and begin searching for answers there. On Enterprise, the Suliban re-take the data disks stolen from them earlier showing they were the ones responsible for the catastrophe on Paraagan II. They also detect a temporal signature on board which proves T'Pol was not lying after all about Archer, so rather than killing the crew, Silik confines them to quarters and commandeers the ship. Meanwhile on Earth, Ambassador Soval is incensed that Enterprise has failed to follow instructions ending its mission, and tells Admiral Forrest he has no choice but to send the Vulcan ship D'kyr in pursuit.

Having docked Enterprise with a Suliban helix, Silik refuses to destroy it until he can contact his leader from the future for new instructions — because the temporal signature on Enterprise changes the whole scenario. Failing that, he prepares to interrogate T'Pol. In the 31st century library, Daniels reveals in vague terms that Archer was to have played a key role in the eventual formation of the "Federation," and he realizes that by removing him from his time, Daniels caused exactly what he was trying to prevent. Therefore Archer must be returned, but since all the time-portal equipment is gone, Daniels devises a plan that involves using parts from the captain's communicator and scanner. Silik drugs T'Pol and questions her about Archer, but though all her answers are truthful, they are of no help. Meanwhile the rest of the quarantined crew finds a way to communicate with each other through the door coms, and they begin plotting against the Suliban. A wobbly T'Pol is returned to her quarters, and while she tries to recuperate from the brutal interrogation she witnesses a blurry visual communication from Archer — he is calling from the future, and he has instructions.

Now that the crew is surreptitiously talking to each other, T'Pol informs them of Archer's message and they set out to execute a scheme to get by the Suliban and retrieve a piece of futuristic equipment from Daniels' former quarters on the ship. Lt. Reed finds the device in a dimensional "hole" in the wall, but he is immediately captured by the Suliban and beaten for information. Reed tells Silik that he doesn't know what the device does, but was instructed by Archer, before he left, to destroy it so Silik wouldn't find it and use it "to contact someone." This leads Silik to believe the device will help him get in touch with his leader. As Silik returns to his temporal chamber on the helix with the device, Trip Tucker and T'Pol take back control of Engineering and set into motion an apparent reactor breach. Hearing the news of the impending explosion, Silik orders the Suliban forces to evacuate the ship and tow Enterprise away from the helix. They do so, and the Suliban cellships clear out as it appears Enterprise is about to blow up. But then the starship jumps to warp — it was all a fake pyrotechnic display. But the Suliban are quickly on to them and pursue. Meanwhile Silik is trying to tune the futuristic device and contact his boss. A figure slowly takes shape in a column of light, but then to Silik's surprise the figure leaps out and tackles him — it's Captain Archer!

Holding a weapon to Silik's temple, Archer demands the data disks back and takes him hostage as he leaves the temporal chamber, destroying the futuristic device on the way. Meanwhile Enterprise is engaged in a firefight with dozens of Suliban cellships, and just when it seems defeat is imminent, the Suliban suddenly stand down and peel away. One final cellship approaches — manned by Archer, back from the future, with an unconscious Silik in tow.

After rendezvousing with the D'kyr, Archer presents the evidence regarding the Paraagan tragedy, and Enterprise is vindicated. Despite that, Soval announces his intention to recommend the recall of Enterprise based on its "reckless" first year in space. Archer finds himself pleading for reconsideration, but then T'Pol steps in and points out in an almost impassioned speech that Vulcans were once very much like the humans now. Apparently she put it over the top, as the decision is made that the Enterprise mission will continue.

Carbon Creek

Celebrating T'Pol's first full year with the Enterprise crew over dinner, Archer asks why her record states that she once took a five-day leave to visit an old Pennsylvania mining town called Carbon Creek. She claims Carbon Creek was the site of actual first contact between humans and Vulcans, long before the historical First Contact in 2063, and her second foremother (great-grandmother) was there. Trip Tucker scoffs at this, but then T'Pol offers to tell "the story."

T'Pol's ancestor, T'Mir, was on a survey ship with three other Vulcans investigating the launch of Sputnik, Earth's first artificial satellite, in October of 1957, when their impulse manifold malfunctioned and forced them into an emergency landing in a North American forest. The captain is killed, leaving T'Mir in charge of the surviving crew, Mestral and Stron. Not knowing whether their distress call to the High Command was transmitted in time, they use up their food rations within a week, then face the question of how they will survive. Despite the risk of cultural contamination, Mestral insists on visiting the nearby "settlement." Stealing clothes and hiding their ears to blend in with the locals, T'Mir and Mestral walk into Carbon Creek and enter a local tavern called the Pine Tree Bar & Grill. Realizing that "currency" is required, Mestral gets himself involved in a pool game for a bet. Quickly mastering the game's simple geometry, Mestral wins enough money for him and T'Mir to buy several bags of groceries. Trip interrupts T'Pol's story, skeptically comparing it to an old episode of The Twilight Zone, but he and Archer are intrigued, so she continues.

Hoping that a rescue vessel will eventually arrive, the three Vulcans take up residence in Carbon Creek and secure jobs — Stron as a plumber/handyman, Mestral as a coalminer, and T'Mir as hired help at the tavern. Despite their aim to stay to themselves as much as possible, Mestral becomes increasingly captivated by human culture, such as television and baseball, and by the townspeople themselves, particularly Maggie, the single mom who tends bar at the Pine Tree. After observing news reports of atomic bomb tests, T'Mir becomes convinced Earth is on the brink of self-annihilation, making their efforts to construct a subspace transceiver more urgent. But Mestral disputes that pessimistic view, seeing this species as empathetic and compassionate, and having great potential. In fact, Mestral makes excuses to leave the apartment so he can spend time with Maggie. T'Mir catches him and forbids him to make further contact with that woman, but Mestral counters that they must accept the fact they may never leave this world.

In spite of herself, even T'Mir takes an interest in the locals, as she learns that Maggie's son Jack is a very bright kid who desires a higher education but may not be able to afford it, even after his mom has been collecting donations in the bar's tip jar. The Vulcans are further drawn into community affairs when a coalmine accident traps at least 20 men underground. Mestral convinces T'Mir and Strom that they should use their technology to help, so by retrieving a particle weapon from the crashed ship, and with an assist from T'Mir's scanner, Mestral succeeds in rescuing the workers. Three months pass, and just as they've resigned themselves to living out their lives on Earth, they hear from a Vulcan vessel that will arrive in three days to rescue them. They inform their respective employers that they'll be returning home "up north." When Jack hears about it, he tells T'Mir he'll miss her, and reveals that he and his mom couldn't raise the money he needs for tuition, so he won't be going to college this year. Despite her own rule against getting involved, T'Mir retrieves something from the wrecked ship, travels to the big city, and sells it to a businessman — an "invention" that would later be called Velcro. She takes the money and anonymously stashes it in the tip jar devoted to Jack's college fund, which leaves Maggie astonished when she finds it.

As the Vulcans prepare to depart, Mestral announces he plans to stay — there's a unique opportunity to study an emerging species, one he's developed quite a fondness for. Stron argues the High Command would never allow it, but when the time comes to rendezvous with the rescue team, T'Mir covers for Mestral by telling the other Vulcans he was killed in the crash and his body cremated.

Mestral stayed on Earth presumably for the rest of his life, according to T'Pol. Archer and Trip question the veracity of her story, and ultimately dismiss it as a dinnertime entertainment. But when she returns to her quarters, T'Pol can't help but dig out an ancestral memento — the purse that T'Mir used during her time in Carbon Creek.


Archer invites Reed to breakfast, hoping to become better acquainted with his armory officer. Reed, however, seems reluctant to discuss anything other than work. Just as Archer's getting frustrated, T'Pol alerts the captain that an uncharted system has been detected and one of the planets is Minshara-class. As Enterprise enters the planet's orbit, it is rocked by massive explosions, damaging sections of the ship and injuring several crewmembers, including Hoshi. Reed is able to discern that the ship has been hit by an alien orbital mine, which has attached itself to the hull. As the mine has the power to disable Enterprise, Reed suits up and heads out to defuse it. Uncertain that Reed will succeed in his task, Archer suggests an alternate plan to Trip — detach the section of hull plating surrounding the mine, allowing it to drift away. Trip notes that this will expose a good portion of the impulse manifold, but Archer tells him to get started on it anyway — the captain will consider the plan a last resort.

As Reed works, he suddenly becomes aware of a strange alien vessel de-cloaking nearby. The ship hails Enterprise, but the translator can't quite get a lock on the strange language, and Hoshi is out of commission in Sickbay. The aliens begin to fire warning shots at Enterprise, so Archer orders Mayweather to move them out of harm's way — slowly, so as not to injure Reed, still hard at work on the hull. Mayweather must also be careful not to collide with any of the other mines in the field.

Reed begins to make some headway in his efforts to disarm the mine, but just as he's making progress, the motion from Enterprise jostles the mine. A spike thrusts out of the mine and through Reed's leg, pinning him to the ship's hull. Hoping to disarm the mine and save his officer, Archer heads out to the hull. With Reed unable to reach the mine, Archer must depend on him for instructions to disable it. Reed thinks it's too dangerous, but Archer insists that he's a quick study.

Meanwhile, Hoshi is translating the mysterious alien language from Sickbay. The aliens have ordered Enterprise to leave immediately or be destroyed — they have annexed the planet in the name of "The Romulan Star Empire." Only T'Pol has heard of this species, and she reveals that they are an aggressive, territorial race. Archer orders Hoshi to compose a response explaining the crew's desperate circumstances.

Out on the hull, Archer works painstakingly to de-activate the mine. He also tries to engage Reed in casual conversation, but it doesn't seem to calm the armory officer's nerves. Rattled, Reed reveals that he doesn't believe socializing with superior officers has any place on a starship. Archer, however, points out that the crewmembers all have to depend on one another, and that Enterprise's mission is not a typical one. As they continue to talk, it becomes apparent that Reed is prepared to sacrifice himself for the ship. Archer, however, is determined to save both his officer and Enterprise.

On the bridge, the crew is being hailed yet again by the Romulans, who insist that Enterprise leave. The Romulans know that Reed is trapped outside, but demand that the ship jettison the section of hull plating. Complicating things even further, the mine re-arms just as Archer believes he's defused it — he is forced to quickly re-set it again. Reed ascertains that they will now have to dismantle the entire mine, but there's no time. Reed once again volunteers to sacrifice himself, even going so far as to disconnect his air supply hose. Archer, however, won't have it, and quickly attaches the auxiliary air hose from his own suit to Reed's.

Desperate, Archer comes up with one last-ditch plan, and requests two shuttlepod hatches and a plasma torch. Trip detaches the section of hull plating, and, as they drift away, Archer uses the torch to free Reed from the hull. As the mine begins to arm itself, Archer and Reed grab their shuttlepod hatches and launch themselves out of harm's way. The mine explodes. As the Romulans descend on Enterprise, Archer and Reed make it back to the ship just in time for T'Pol to order the ship to warp speed. As Enterprise makes a safe getaway, Archer and Reed are left to ponder their ordeal.

Dead Stop

After the incident in the Romulan minefield, Enterprise is in need of repairs. Archer sends out a general distress call, and receives a jumbled response from a Tellarite freighter, containing the coordinates of a repair station. When the crew arrives at the station, it appears to be abandoned ... until one of the docking ports lights up and reconfigures itself to fit Enterprise. Still, there don't seem to be any lifeforms onboard. Once inside the station, Archer, T'Pol and Trip locate a sort of diagnostic center that contains holographic schematics of the ships, with the damaged sections clearly highlighted. Somehow, the station has managed to scan the ship and anticipate the crew's needs — the schematic even highlights Reed's recent leg injury. A computer voice addresses the trio, asking them to select a method of compensation for the repairs. Archer offers some warp plasma, and the station accepts, saying the repairs can be completed in less than 35 hours. Though he is wary of the automated nature of the station, Archer accepts the terms, and the station begins the repairs. In the station's recreation room, the trio is impressed by the amazing technology on display — a food replicator delivers both cold water and Trip's favorite fried catfish.

Back on the ship, the station's technology has managed to fix Reed's leg injury, and is repairing Enterprise in record time. Archer, however, can't help but be suspicious — it all seems too good to be true.

Meanwhile, Trip and Reed are enjoying replicated meals in the station's recreation room. Like Archer, Trip can't help but be a bit suspicious of the station — especially since he has calculated that the station's computer must be impossibly small. He convinces Reed to go with him and attempt to explore the station further and track down the computer. Unfortunately, they are detected by the station's computer and transported back to Enterprise. The duo is reprimanded by Archer, but the captain can't help but be curious as to what they found onboard.

The captain's concerns are put aside for the moment when tragedy strikes — Ensign Mayweather is found dead. While the crew attempts to cope with his death, Archer heads to the station's computer to determine a cause of death. The computer doesn't recognize his queries, and Archer grows even more frustrated. Meanwhile, Phlox performs the autopsy and discovers that the body is not Mayweather, but a nearly perfect replica.

Archer devises a plan: Archer, T'Pol and Reed make their way through the station's intricate passageways while Trip attempts to distract the station's computer with the crew's payment of plasma. When Archer and T'Pol reach the station's computer core, they discover a horrifying sight: 40 humanoid bodies, pale and desiccated, suspended from harnesses, with electrode-like devices attached to their skulls. T'Pol notes that the vital organs of the bodies appear to be functioning, but they've suffered severe neurological damage. Their synaptic pathways have been integrated into the computer core, giving the station the knowledge of many different species. As they begin to free Mayweather, the alien station begins overriding commands onboard Enterprise, effectively holding the ship hostage. Archer and T'Pol bring Mayweather back to the ship, but Enterprise is close to shutting down completely. With time running out, Archer instructs Reed to deliver their final payment. Reed pulls out a small detonator and activates micro-charges that were attached to the plasma canisters Trip left behind. The ensuing explosion and a final torpedo launched by Reed destroys the station, and Enterprise's command functions return to normal.

Phlox determines that the station was essentially tapping into Mayweather's brain, using his knowledge to enhance its processing power. This explains the station's incredible capabilities. The crew heads out, believing the station permanently destroyed. But in the distance, it ominously begins to repair itself ...

A Night in Sickbay

Having managed to offend the Kreetassans yet again while negotiating for a much-needed plasma injector, Archer returns to Enterprise frustrated. Things get even worse when he learns that Porthos picked up some kind of pathogen on the Kreetassan homeworld, and must be confined to sickbay. Unfortunately, Porthos' condition only worsens, and Dr. Phlox must prevent the beagle's auto-immune system from collapsing entirely. As Archer worries about the fate of his pet, T'Pol informs him that she has discovered the reason for the Kreetassans' anger. Apparently, Porthos urinated on one of the 300-year-old Alvera trees — which are considered cultural treasures — outside the Hall of Diplomacy. In order to receive the plasma injector for Enterprise, the captain will most likely have to perform several acts of contrition. This infuriates Archer even more — especially since he thinks the Kreetassans should have known there was a pathogen in their atmosphere that Porthos couldn't handle.

Frustrated, Archer decides to spend the night in sickbay to be near his pet. While there, he observes Phlox working on a cure, as well as performing odd personal grooming task and feeding his menagerie of creatures. Unable to sleep, Archer goes to the ship's gym to exercise, where he encounters T'Pol. As the two run side by side on treadmills, they argue over how to deal with the Kreetassans. T'Pol thinks Archer is, once again, allowing his human feelings to get in the way of his duty, while Archer is irritated by T'Pol's unsympathetic stance regarding Porthos. In the middle of their work-out, Hoshi summons the pair with the list of demands from the Kreetassans. Archer reads them and storms back to sickbay, disgusted. Unfortunately, Porthos' condition is even worse — the pooch has gone into anaphylactic shock, and his body is rejecting Phlox's treatment.

As the night creeps on, Archer grows more exhausted and worried. Phlox suggests that perhaps the sexual tension between the captain and T'Pol is contributing to his frustration, a notion that Archer quickly dismisses. Later that night, Archer dreams of a funeral for Porthos and an intimate moment with T'Pol. When he awakens, Porthos still isn't doing well — Phlox's treatment was partially effective, but the beagle's pituitary gland is severely damaged. Phlox must now perform an intricate underwater operation to replace Porthos' pituitary gland with that of a Calrissian chameleon. During the operation, the doctor and the captain discuss Archer's possible attraction to T'Pol, Phlox's extended family and cultural differences. This conversation seems to give Archer a greater understanding of other cultures in general ... and why he must apologize to the Kreetassans.

Returning to the Kreetassan homeworld, Archer performs a bizarre ritual that involves chopping off pieces of a tree trunk and arranging them in a certain pattern. The apology pleases the Kreetassans enough to earn Enterprise the plasma injector — as well as a couple of spares. Upon returning to Enterprise, Archer makes an apology of a more personal nature to T'Pol, and tells her that he's sorry for the recent conflicts between them. The apparent sexual tension between them remains unaddressed, however.

Returning to sickbay, Archer learns that the transplant went perfectly, and Porthos is on the road to recovery. Overjoyed, the captain thanks Phlox, and takes his pet home.


With Enterprise's deuterium reserves running low, Archer and the crew visit a small mining colony in hopes of replenishing their supply. The alien colonists, however, claim that they can't spare any deuterium, and ask Archer to return at the end of the season. Archer manages to negotiate, and eventually reaches an agreement with the colony's leader, Tessic — the deuterium in exchange for medical supplies, power cells and assistance in repairing the colony's extraction pumps. In a puzzling move, Tessic also insists that the pump be repaired within two days.

As the Enterprise crew is helping with repairs, a Klingon ship enters orbit. Tessic panics, insisting that Archer and his people hide. As Archer watches, a small group of Klingons beams to the surface, greeting Tessic in what appears to be a friendly manner. The leader of the Klingons, Korok, is significantly less friendly when he learns that Tessic does not have the deuterium he has requested. Tessic asks for more time to produce it, but Korok becomes enraged, and orders Tessic to have the deuterium ready in four days. Finally, the reason for the colonists' strange behavior becomes clear — these Klingon marauders have been preying on them for five seasons, taking all the first-yield deuterium they can produce. When Tessic and the others tried to rebel, it resulted in the deaths of eight colonists. Defeated, Tessic tells Archer to just take the deuterium he needs and leave.

Archer, however, is angered by the situation, and believes that the crew of Enterprise may be able to aid the colonists. He convinces Tessic to allow them to try, and reveals a plan: the colonists will surreptitiously move their village and rigs so that when the Klingons arrive for their next visit, they will be lured into a combustible fuel field. To protect them in battle, T'Pol offers some rudimentary self-defense training, while Reed and Hoshi lead the colonists in target practice.

When the Klingons do arrive, Archer's scheme is a success — the colonists defend themselves against the marauders, and the Klingons are tricked into entering an area that appears to be barren desert. This "desert," however, is the deuterium field, and flaming deuterium explodes from the wellheads surrounding them. As the Klingons are surrounded by a ring of fire, Tessic approaches, warning the Klingons to leave and never return. Rattled, Korok and his crew beam back to their ship.

As Archer and his crew prepare to leave, a grateful Tessic gifts them with 2,000 liters of deuterium — significantly more than the initially agreed upon amount.

The Seventh

When T'Pol is assigned a secret mission by the Vulcan High Command, she asks Archer to accompany her. The captain is surprised by her request, but agrees — especially when T'Pol reveals that there is a personal side to the mission. Many years ago, T'Pol was sent to retrieve several rogue Vulcan operatives. She was able to apprehend all but one of them, a man known as Menos. Now, the Vulcans believe they have located Menos, and they want T'Pol to bring him in.

Soon, T'Pol, Archer and Mayweather are on their way to the Pernaia system, where Menos was last spotted. As Mayweather pilots their craft, T'Pol briefs Archer on Menos: he was assigned to infiltrate a cell of smugglers, and apparently became one of them. Now, he reportedly makes a career of smuggling synthetic bio-toxins used to make transgenic weapons. T'Pol last spotted him on Risa, where she nearly caught him. Once the trio lands at the snowy alien outpost, T'Pol spots Menos in the crowded, bar-like shelter. Menos puts up a good fight, but Mayweather manages to apprehend him, and the trio prepares to take him aboard their ship. Unfortunately, the landing deck of the outpost is being thermalized, and they won't be able to leave for several hours.

Meanwhile, back on Enterprise, Trip is confronted with the difficulty of serving as acting captain. Both Phlox and Reed need him to make decisions that will affect the ship and crew, while Hoshi informs him that Enterprise has been hailed by the Vulcan Captain Tavek, who has an urgent message from Admiral Forrest. When Tavek insists on speaking to the captain, Trip pretends to be Archer. As it turns out, the message from Forrest consists of water polo scores, and a relieved Trip hastily thanks the captain and bids him farewell.

Back at the alien outpost, Archer, T'Pol and Mayweather are holding Menos captive until it's safe to take off. Menos tries to appeal to T'Pol, saying that he has a wife and two daughters and that he's really not a smuggler at all — he merely transports spent injector casings. As they continue to talk, Menos insinuates that he wasn't alone when T'Pol nearly apprehended him on Risa. This triggers some fragmented flashes of memory for T'Pol. In one vision, she sees herself chasing two men through the jungle; in another, she seems to be in emotional distress at a Vulcan monastery. Determined to prove that Menos is a criminal, T'Pol makes her way across the dangerous dock to his ship ... only to find cases full of spent injector casings. Frustrated, she returns to the shelter, and asks to speak to Menos alone. With his help, she manages to piece her visions into a coherent scenario. It seems that there was one other fugitive she was charged with retrieving: Jossen, whom she spotted on Risa with Menos. She chased both of them through the jungle, and ended up killing Jossen. Later, she underwent an obscure Vulcan ritual known as the Fullara, wherein her memories of the event and all the surrounding emotions were repressed. T'Pol reveals this to Archer, who is upset that Menos is manipulating her emotions.

With T'Pol's guard down, Menos manages to escape, and Archer, Mayweather and T'Pol chase him to his ship. Though Menos nearly traps them, T'Pol manages to apprehend him. As she trains a weapon on him, Menos appeals to her guilt — he insists that she will let him go, rather than killing another innocent man. Archer, however, reminds T'Pol that she was assigned to apprehend Menos — not judge him. The captain's words help T'Pol to come to final decision, and she brings Menos in. Meanwhile, Mayweather discovers that Menos actually was hauling more than injector casings — a large container of bio-toxins sits just beyond a hidden forcefield.

Back on Enterprise, Archer extends his sympathies to T'Pol, noting that her newly-resurfaced memories aren't going to be easy to deal with. T'Pol notes that she's ready to move on, and tells Archer that if he ever needs someone he can trust, she's there for him.

The Communicator

Upon returning from a research mission to a pre-warp alien planet, Reed discovers that his communicator is missing. After an extensive search, he realizes that he must have lost it somewhere on the planet. Hoshi manages to tap into the communicator's power signature and pinpoints its location near a tavern that Reed and the rest of the team visited. Archer knows that the crew must retrieve their technology or risk contaminating the planet's pre-warp society, so Archer and Reed return to the planet, hiding their shuttlepod in the woods. As they enter the tavern, a group of soldiers eyes them suspiciously. Using his scanner, Reed realizes that the communicator is located in another room of the tavern, but when he and Archer go to retrieve it, they are apprehended by the soldiers. The two men are taken to the tavern stockroom and questioned by Major Pell, who asks if the communicator is a weapon. Pell also seems to think Archer and Reed are connected to something called "the Alliance." When the men refuse to respond, Pell orders that they be taken to the military complex.

At the complex, Archer and Reed are interrogated by Pell's superior, General Gosis. Gosis informs them that someone named "T'Pol" was trying to reach the "captain" via the communicator. Archer identifies himself as the "captain," which only furthers Gosis' suspicions that the two men are military recruits for the Alliance. During the interrogation, part of Archer's alien prosthetic comes off, revealing his human face. Gosis doesn't know what to make of this, and orders a full medical examination.

Meanwhile, on Enterprise, Hoshi has managed to locate Archer and Reed, and Trip suggests taking Shuttlepod Two to rescue them. T'Pol, however, is reluctant to risk further contamination of the pre-warp culture. So, Trip comes up with another idea. As Enterprise is still in possession of the Suliban cell-ship, perhaps he could attempt to bring its cloaking device online — the crew would be able to rescue their missing crewmen without being detected. T'Pol agrees, and Trip and Mayweather begin work on the cell-ship. As they work, Trip is somehow affected by the particle radiation the ship uses to conceal itself rendering his right arm invisible! Phlox guesses that it will eventually materialize on its own, and gives Trip a surgical glove to use in the meantime.

Back on the planet, Gosis is astonished at the results of the medical tests. He can find no reasonable explanation for the various physical "deformities" displayed by Archer and Reed, and continues to press them for answers. Unfortunately, Gosis has yet another suspicious piece of evidence — a surveillance photo of the Enterprise shuttlepod. As it appears he may be getting closer to the truth, Archer offers an explanation: he and Reed are prototypes for a genetically-enhanced Alliance super-soldier, and the various pieces of technology they have with them are Alliance prototypes as well. Gosis believes this might be a logical explanation, but he needs proof — so he orders the execution of the two men. Once they're dead, the doctor will be able to study their organs in more detail.

On Enterprise, Hoshi manages to intercept a message saying that two "enemy spies" are set to be executed. With time running out, T'Pol, Trip and Mayweather head down to the planet in the cell-ship, which still isn't cloaking properly. Meanwhile, Archer and Reed prepare to face their execution, determined to sacrifice their own lives rather than contaminate this alien culture. As they are led to the gallows, Trip and the others struggle to get the cell-ship cloaked in the air. They are pursued by military aircraft, but the ship cloaks at the last second, and they manage to land at the site of the complex just in time to save Archer and Reed. Archer retrieves Enterprise's technology, and the crewmembers pile into the still-cloaked cell-ship just in time.

Once onboard, Archer thanks T'Pol for taking a risk to save his life. She notes that even though they managed to retrieve the technology, they have contaminated a pre-warp culture. Still, she's impressed that the captain was willing to sacrifice his life to protect an entire alien race. As for Trip, his arm has rematerialized and is visible again ... for the most part.


Enterprise has dropped to impulse in order to get a closer look at a black hole that's part of a trinary star system. As it will take them two days to get there, the crew has time for personal endeavors. Archer concentrates on writing a one-page preface for a biography of his father. He also assigns Trip the task of making some adjustments to the captain's chair, which is apparently rather uncomfortable. Reed hopes to work on a new security protocol, while Hoshi takes over cooking duties for an ailing Chef.

Meanwhile, Mayweather visits Phlox for a headache remedy. Phlox, however, is not content to simply diagnose Mayweather with a headache, and begins to subject the ensign to a number of medical tests. Soon, each of the crew's seemingly ordinary tasks begin taking on more and more significance, as each person becomes obsessed with a single job. Archer turns his one-page preface into a 19-page missive, while Trip takes the entire captain's chair apart, determined to add new features (such as a cup-holder) and re-shape it to fit Archer perfectly. Reed, who is attempting to draft a special emergency alert, becomes obsessed with the perfect name and sound for the alarm. And Hoshi tries to get her family recipe for a dish called oden just right — so much so that she abandons her other cooking duties, leaving the crew to starve. Their behavior is also affecting their interactions with one another — Reed and Trip nearly get into a physical fight, while Phlox sedates a frustrated Mayweather so he can run more medical tests.

T'Pol, meanwhile, is the only member of the crew who does not seem to be obsessing over a particular task, and she can't help but notice everyone's odd behavior. She approaches the captain about it, but he remains absorbed in his preface, and becomes irrational and angry when she disturbs him. T'Pol also tries to inform Phlox of the crew's illness, but he is intent on performing an extreme medical procedure on Mayweather. Seeing that the doctor has also been affected, T'Pol quickly renders him unconscious via a Vulcan nerve pinch.

With the rest of the crew unconscious, T'Pol uses Phlox's scans of Mayweather and her own study of the trinary system to form a hypothesis — the radiation from the trinary system is affecting the crew. If they're exposed to this radiation much longer, they may not survive. In order to escape, she must chart a course between the stars. This means passing dangerously close to the black hole and a considerable amount of debris.  She will not be able to pilot the ship alone.

T'Pol heads to Archer's quarters and manages to rouse the groggy captain by putting him in the shower and dousing him with cold water. She manages to explain the situation to him, and the two head for the bridge. While T'Pol determines the course corrections, Archer pilots the ship away from danger. Enterprise is rocked by debris, and Archer determines that they need weapons. T'Pol insists that there isn't enough time to bring them online — then she notices that they already are, apparently as part of Reed's new security measures. Enterprise fires its phase-cannons at the dangerous debris, clearing a path, and jumps to warp. The ship is finally out of danger.

Later on, Phlox examines the crew, and determines that there are no lingering effects from the radiation. Archer commends Reed on his Tactical Alert, noting that it saved Enterprise at a crucial moment. In fact, the captain requests that Reed make the new protocols standard procedure. Trip, meanwhile, has lowered the captain's chair a centimeter, making it much more comfortable, and Archer appears to have written a preface he's happy with.

Vanishing Point

Hoshi and Trip are surveying some primitive alien ruins, taking pictures and discussing what might have happened to the people who used to inhabit the planet. Suddenly, Archer contacts them and asks them to return immediately to Enterprise — a storm is heading their way. As the duo prepares to board their shuttlepod, Archer contacts them again.  The storm situation is more urgent than he predicted, and he needs to bring Trip and Hoshi up via the transporter, one at a time. Hoshi is apprehensive, and insists that Trip go first. Once he is safely onboard, she beams up.

Back on Enterprise, Hoshi feels strange, but decides that she just needs some rest. Later on, she joins some of her crewmates for a meal — strangely, they seem to be ignoring her the whole time. Dr. Phlox insists there's nothing wrong with her, however. The next day, Hoshi is summoned to the bridge — Trip and Mayweather have been taken hostage by aliens while attempting to retrieve Enterprise's shuttlepod. Archer needs Hoshi to decipher the aliens' language. Hoshi, however, can't seem to accomplish her task, and a frustrated Archer sends her back to her quarters and assigns her duties to Crewman Baird.

Later, Hoshi learns that Baird deciphered the language easily, and the two officers were returned safe and sound. Also, Hoshi is to remain off-duty for the time being — Baird will assume her responsibilities. Feeling useless, Hoshi begins to notice more troubling signs: water in the shower seems to pass right through her, and the turbolift does not respond to her. Also, she seems to be hearing strange voices. Distressed, Hoshi pays another visit to Phlox ... who maintains that there's nothing wrong with her.

Still apprehensive, Hoshi heads to the gym to work out. Soon, however, her hands pass right through the free weights and the doors will not respond to her. Upon looking in the mirror, Hoshi discovers that she has become completely transparent. The crew soon discovers that she is missing and mounts a search. Though she is invisible to them, Hoshi trails the crew, hoping to somehow send them a message that she's still alive. The crew, however, determines that Hoshi's disappearance is, in fact, connected to a transporter snafu — apparently, her molecules are breaking down. In her invisible form, Hoshi also makes a disturbing discovery — aliens have infiltrated Enterprise and are planting explosives that will soon detonate. Desperate, Hoshi tries to contact the crew, resorting to such tactics as Morse Code. Nothing seems to work, however.

Eventually, Hoshi sees the aliens heading towards a transporter pad, taking the detonator for the explosives with them. Quickly determining that the only thing she can do is follow them, she overcomes her fear and leaps onto the transporter pad. As she begins to hear voices again, she suddenly finds herself materializing on Enterprise. The voices belong to Trip and Reed, who are in the process of beaming her back. The mysterious aliens have vanished.

Reed and Trip inform Hoshi that she was trapped in the pattern buffer for a few seconds ... leading Hoshi to conclude that the whole ordeal took place in her head, while she was being transported from the surface. Relieved, Hoshi gets a quick check-up from Phlox, and informs Archer that she'll stick to shuttlepods for the time being.

Precious Cargo

The Enterprise crew has visitors — two Retellian cargo pilots, Firek Goff and Firek Plinn, need help repairing their life support systems. The pair explains that they have been hired to return a young woman to her homeworld. Because of their limited resources and the length of the trip, they are transporting her in stasis. A few days ago, her stasis pod began to malfunction. The crew cannot support a passenger out of stasis, so they need Trip's help repairing their systems. Firek Goff refuses Archer's offer to help them transport their passenger more quickly, but he does accept the captain's offer of a meal.

Trip, meanwhile, brings some equipment over from Enterprise and starts working. He finds himself intrigued by the woman in the stasis pod, and is surprised when she suddenly awakens. Goff and Plinn are signaled that the pod has malfunctioned, and Goff heads back to the ship. As Trip frees the woman from stasis, he notices that her wrists are bound — she is a prisoner, not a passenger. As Trip reacts, Goff attacks him, rendering him unconscious. Goff alerts Plinn to the chaos, but Plinn is caught by Reed before he can make it back to the ship, and Goff escapes with the mysterious woman and Trip in tow.

While Archer sets out after the ship, Goff orders Trip to repair the stasis pod. Trip knows that he's expendable once the repairs are finished, so he attempts to figure out an escape route. Unfortunately, he's having trouble understanding the alien woman, whose name is Kaitaama. He eventually locates the universal translator and the two are able to communicate, but Kaitaama is very combative. As royalty from Krios Prime, she treats him like a subject, ordering him around and questioning his methods. Trip doesn't much like this, but urges Kaitamma to escape with him. She's resistant, but finally agrees, and the two set out in the cargo ship's escape pod. After a turbulent ride, Trip finally locates a humid, swamp-like planet, and they land.

Back on Enterprise, Archer and T'Pol come up with a ruse to trick Plinn into giving them information, so that they might be able to track down Trip. Archer informs Plinn that he will face a harsh tribunal with T'Pol at the helm. He implies that T'Pol is very strict, and fond of handing down extreme sentences. Terrified, Plinn reveals the information they need to find Trip.

Meanwhile, Trip and Kaitaama have set up camp on the planet, but they can't seem to stop bickering. Despite this, there is a definite undercurrent of sexual tension between them. When their fighting finally comes to a head, Kaitaama suddenly pulls Trip to her, giving him a passionate kiss. Trip, in turn, kisses her back. Later on, Goff tracks them down, but they manage to trick him and render him unconscious. Moments later, Archer, T'Pol and Reed show up as well.

Back on Enterprise, a Krios ship shows up to take the prisoners into custody and return Kaitaama to her home planet. Trip ponders visiting Kaitaama, but notes that her family probably wouldn't like it. She agrees, but playfully notes that someday she'll have the authority to change the rules. Intrigued, Trip bids her farewell.

The Catwalk

As Captain Archer prepares to lead a survey team to an uninhabited planet, Enterprise is suddenly hailed by a trio of aliens seeking refuge. The aliens warn Archer that a deadly neutronic wavefront is quickly approaching. After conferring with the crew, Archer surmises that everyone must take shelter somewhere protected in order to survive the storm's deadly radiation. Trip suggests that the one heavily-shielded place onboard that might suffice for the eight-day ordeal is the cramped quarters of the catwalk, the maintenance shaft that runs the length of each nacelle. Only one problem — the temperature in the catwalk can reach 300 degrees when the warp coils are online, so Trip will have to shut down the main reactor and set up a makeshift bridge in one of the catwalk compartments.

The crew and their alien visitors evacuate to the catwalk, and as the days wear on, tensions run high among them. The storm envelops the ship, making for frequent, sudden bouts of turbulence. Also, the alien trio doesn't do much to endear themselves to the Enterprise crew, and even endangers the crew by trying to cook their food near a plasma manifold. To make matters worse, Trip and Archer discover a problem in Engineering — the matter and antimatter injectors have come online, endangering the crew's safe haven in the catwalk. Trip cannot shut the injectors down from the catwalk, however — outfitted in an EV suit, he must make the trek to Engineering. The suit will only protect him for 22 minutes, so he has to work fast.

Once Trip reaches Engineering, he notices something even more peculiar — alien intruders, who appear to be interfering with the ship's systems. Trip manages to hide from them, and attempts to ascertain what they're doing aboard Enterprise. As he peers out a window, he notices an alien ship docked alongside Enterprise. He also manages to activate a monitor and witnesses the aliens on the bridge — oddly enough, they're the same species as the trio of aliens taking refuge in the catwalk. Trip returns to the catwalk and relays his findings. Phlox runs a scan on the alien visitors, deducing that the aliens are actually immune to the effects of radiation. Angered, Archer demands to know what's going on. The trio confesses that the aliens Trip saw are actually looking for them — they're considered fugitives. They explain to Archer that they were officers in the Takret Militia, but they escaped when they learned that the commanding officers were corrupt. The trio apologizes for lying to Archer, and tells him that these alien intruders have a history of seizing vessels like Enterprise and murdering the crews.

Reed reports that the alien intruders are trying to re-initialize the warp reactor, putting the crew in danger. Realizing that he must act quickly, Archer formulates a plan. He, T'Pol and Reed suit up and head down to the main area of the ship. While T'Pol and Reed work to shut down the warp reactor, Archer distracts the alien leader, claiming to be the only survivor onboard Enterprise. He demands they leave, or he'll destroy the ship. He then breaks contact, and orders Mayweather to change course, heading straight for a destructive plasma eddy. As T'Pol and Reed finally succeed in shutting the reactor down, the alien leader realizes that Archer is serious, having set Enterprise on a suicide course towards the plasma eddy. He and his men flee the ship, and Mayweather manages to steer clear of the eddy just in time.

Soon after, Mayweather maneuvers Enterprise out of the storm, and the crew is able to return to their quarters. The alien visitors, meanwhile, apologize for all the trouble they've caused, and head for the Gyrannan System. Relieved that the whole ordeal is over, Archer wishes them luck and bids them farewell.


Trip is alone on a test mission aboard Shuttlepod One, trying out the latest autopilot upgrades. Suddenly, he is fired upon by an alien ship and must make an emergency landing on a nearby moon. It's nighttime, and Trip attempts to repair the transceiver in order to contact Enterprise. While he's working, he is suddenly attacked by a mysterious alien. Trip retreats into his shuttlepod, but quickly notices that the alien interloper has stolen his transceiver.

Meanwhile, Archer has mounted a search for Trip. As Enterprise attempts to track him down, they are hailed by an Arkonian ship and ordered to leave the area immediately. T'Pol warns Archer that the Arkonians are a territorial species, and that Enterprise should proceed with extreme caution. Apparently, relations between the Vulcans and the Arkonians have been contentious for many years. Archer tells the Arkonian captain, Khata'n Zshaar, that he will not leave until his missing crewmember is back onboard. Khata'n Zshaar admits that one of his crew is also missing, and was most likely piloting the alien ship that fired on Trip. Archer proposes that the two crews work together in order to find both missing crewmembers. The Arkonians agree, but T'Pol advises that Archer remain cautious.

Down on the surface, Trip has managed to trick the alien, an Arkonian named Zho'Kaan, into leaving his own campsite so that Trip can retrieve the transceiver. Unfortunately, Zho'Kaan realizes the ruse, and attacks Trip, rendering the chief engineer unconscious. When Trip wakes up, Zho'Kaan demands that Trip fix the alien's transceiver. The repairs are slow-going, as Trip and Zho'Kaan cannot understand each other without the universal translator. They rely on gestures to communicate, however, and eventually learn each other's names. Trip also learns that Zho'Kaan has some unusual abilities. When Trip is injured, Zho'Kaan hisses some strange fluid onto his arm, healing the wound. The two still do not trust each other, however. Frustrated with the alien transceiver, Trip sprays shuttle fluid into Zho'Kaan's face and gains control of the situation.

On Enterprise, the crew works to locate Trip. T'Pol has learned that the moons they are searching experience extreme changes in temperature — in the daytime, the temperature can rise as high as 170 degrees. Alarmed, Archer realizes that they need to find Trip before the sun rises.

With Zho'Kaan as his prisoner, Trip has returned to his spot near the shuttlepod and is attempting to repair his transceiver using some of the alien transceiver's components. After a few attempts, Trip concludes that perhaps he needs to take the transceiver to a higher ground, and asks Zho'Kaan to assist him. But as soon as Trip unties Zho'Kaan, the alien attacks him and the two engage in hand-to-hand combat. Eventually, the pair falls to the ground, exhausted. Too tired to fight, Trip manages to convince Zho'Kaan that they need to work together in order to escape the moon. Together, they take the transceiver to a higher ground and Trip finally manages to make contact with Enterprise.

Unfortunately, dawn is approaching, and as Trip and Zho'Kaan wait for help to arrive, Trip notices that his alien companion doesn't seem to be dealing well with the heat. As Zho'Kaan gets more and more dehydrated, Archer and the Arkonian captain work to lock onto the officers' positions. Archer tells Reed to prepare the transporter, but Phlox advises against it: the Arkonians are extremely sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Thus, Zho'Kaan's dehydration is causing cellular breakdown. Despite Archer's urging, Trip refuses to return without Zho'Kaan — he doesn't want to leave the alien alone. Trip suggests using a modified Arkonian shuttle to rescue the duo, and Archer agrees to look into the possibility. The idea works, and Trip and Zho'Kan are soon on their way back to Enterprise.

Once both officers are onboard and recovering, Khata'n Zshaar bids Archer farewell — he still doesn't seem terribly friendly towards the captain, but T'Pol notes that at least Archer was more successful than the Vulcans in establishing relations with the Arkonians. Meanwhile, Trip visits Zho'Kaan in sickbay, and both men express that they are grateful to have encountered one another.


As Enterprise enters the orbit of Dekendi III, Dr. Phlox prepares to attend the Interspecies Medical Exchange conference. He's also looking forward to being reunited with one of his wives, Feezal, who will be helping Trip install a neutron microscope onboard. Phlox is pleased to see his wife, but the conference raises a troubling issue — Phlox is the only person onboard Enterprise who knows that T'Pol is suffering from Pa'nar Syndrome, an incurable Vulcan disease. He has been able keep the effects of the disease at bay, but he knows that T'Pol will soon need supplemental medications. Otherwise, she might die. The doctor sees the conference as the perfect opportunity to speak with Vulcan physicians, and learn if they have made any headway with the disease. However, he must keep T'Pol's identity a secret, as the High Command cannot learn of her condition.

Unfortunately, the Vulcan doctors — Yuris, Strom and Oratt — see right through Phlox's ruse, and quickly ascertain that T'Pol is suffering from the disease. When Archer learns of this, he is furious and demands to know why Phlox and T'Pol have kept her condition a secret from him. T'Pol explains that Pa'nar Syndrome carries a certain stigma on Vulcan. A small number of Vulcans are born with the ability to form a "mind-meld," and it is through this act that the disease is transmitted. Anyone can be on the receiving end of a meld, however, and T'Pol found herself in that very position when she was attacked by the Vulcan Tolaris the previous year. Because this telepathic minority's behavior is considered "unnatural" on Vulcan, those who carry the disease face prejudice — T'Pol would most likely lose her commission if the High Command were to learn of her condition. Archer urges T'Pol to tell the High Command that she was forced to meld, but she refuses, not wanting to fuel their bigotry.

Later, Dr. Yuris contacts T'Pol and asks her to meet him on the surface. He passes along some research that might help in treating her. T'Pol wonders why he's willing to help her. Yuris explains that he's part of the minority of mind-melders — he does not, however, have the disease. Once he realizes that T'Pol was coerced into melding, he suggests she tell his colleagues, knowing that they will be more sympathetic. She still refuses.

Meanwhile, Trip is dealing with a much less serious problem — Phlox's wife Feezal keeps trying to flirt with him as they work together to install the microscope. Trip is uncomfortable with her advances, and decides to discuss it with Phlox. The doctor, however, does not react as Trip might expect — he enthusiastically suggests that Trip should return Feezal's affections. When Trip points out that Feezal is Phlox's wife, Phlox dismisses him, saying that Trip is too wrapped up in human ideas of morality. Still, Trip is uncomfortable with the situation, and cannot be swayed. Somewhat disappointed, Phlox merely says that it's Trip's loss.

The Vulcan doctors have decided to return T'Pol to Vulcan, where the High Command will determine whether or not she's fit for duty. Archer, however, has discovered a loophole — Vulcan medical protocols entitle T'Pol to a hearing. T'Pol, however, continues to stand by her decision not to explain how she contracted the disease. Archer respects her wishes, but hopes that he will be able to keep her onboard. At the hearing, Archer and T'Pol face the Vulcan doctors, and make points about the Vulcans' narrow-minded attitudes toward mind-melders. Still, it seems to fall upon deaf ears. Then, Dr. Yuris surprises everyone.  Unable to keep silent any longer, he reveals T'Pol's circumstances and informs the other doctors that he is one of the melding minority. Shocked, the doctors allow T'Pol to remain on Enterprise ... but Yuris is suspended and will most likely lose his standing with the Medical Exchange. T'Pol is determined not to let him go down without a fight, however — she plans to contact the High Command. She also hopes that perhaps this incident will encourage others to speak out against the bigotry in Vulcan society.

Cease Fire

The Andorians and the Vulcans are locked in battle over a small planet, situated on the frontier between their two systems. Both sides claim that it belongs to them — the Andorians refer to it as "Weytahm," while the Vulcans call it "Paan Mokar." Andorian Commander Shran has landed a force on the planet and occupied the settlement. Now, the Vulcans are calling for a cease fire and Shran wants Archer to help the two sides negotiate. Vulcan Ambassador Soval is reluctant to bring Archer in as mediator, but three Vulcans have been taken hostage, and Shran has made his position clear — he only trusts Archer.

Archer and T'Pol head down the planet for a meeting with Shran. Shran's lieutenant, Tarah, is especially wary of T'Pol, but Archer manages to convince Shran to release one of the Vulcan hostages as a show of good faith. He also agrees to bring Soval down to the planet for a meeting. Soval is skeptical, but agrees to go. Meanwhile, on the planet, Shran has a tense moment with Tarah, who objects to his attempts to negotiate with the Vulcans. She would rather continue the fighting and reclaim the planet for the Andorians. Shran notes her suggestion, but still wishes to proceed with the negotiations.

As their shuttlepod nears the planet, Archer, T'Pol and Soval find themselves being fired on — they are forced to crash-land right in the middle of the conflict. Soval suggests the Andorians are trying to sabotage the peace talks, but Archer doesn't believe Shran would resort to such tactics. Back at the Andorians' position, Shran, for his part, is furious that Archer's shuttle was fired on. Tarah claims that it was the Vulcans who fired, but Shran doesn't believe her — he orders her to find Soval and Archer and bring them to him alive.

Meanwhile, on Enterprise, acting captain Trip is having troubles of his own. As the crew tries to pinpoint Archer's location, Trip must keep a Vulcan ship and an Andorian vessel from firing on one another. He maneuvers Enterprise right between the two ships, hoping to avoid bloodshed.

Down on the surface, Archer, T'Pol and Soval are attempting to make their way to Shran's location, when Soval is injured by weapons fire. Archer discovers that Andorian snipers are behind the attack, so he has T'Pol and Soval distract them with weapons fire while he disables them. As he sneaks up behind the second sniper, he discovers that it is none other than Tarah, Shran's lieutenant. He manages to subdue her just as Shran and his men arrive on the scene. Even though Tarah denies it, Archer manages to convince Shran that his officer has betrayed him. Tarah eventually confesses, but angrily informs Shran that there are others who feel the same way she does.

Now that the situation's under control, Shran and Soval are finally able to sit down for a series of difficult but productive negotiations. With Archer's help, the two sides agree to cease fire and continue the peace talks on Andoria.

Future Tense

When the Enterprise crew discovers a mysterious, futuristic vessel adrift in space, Captain Archer orders it brought onboard for further investigation. Inside the craft, the crew is shocked to find what is apparently a human body, charred beyond recognition. Trip and Reed take a closer look at the interior of the ship, and discover that it is much more spacious that it appears. They also discover a "black box" device within the depths of the ship and prepare to bring it up to Engineering for more research.

Before they can explore much further, however, Enterprise is hailed by a Suliban ship. The Suliban claim that the futuristic ship belongs to them and demand that Archer turn it over immediately. When he refuses, the Suliban open fire and beam a pair of soldiers onboard Enterprise. The soldiers attack Trip and Reed and attempt to break into the launch bay containing the vessel. Enterprise manages to disable the Suliban ship's weapons, but before they can do any more damage, the soldiers beam back to the ship and the ship cloaks, disappearing from view. Archer, however, can't help but wonder why the Suliban want the mysterious vessel so badly.

Post-battle, Trip and Reed examine the black box device, hoping that it can tell them something about the strange vessel. Meanwhile, Dr. Phlox has some curious news — his autopsy of the charred corpse reveals genetic material belonging to several other species, including Vulcans. He surmises that the individual seems to be the result of several generations of interspecies breeding. Archer and T'Pol decide to pay a visit to Daniels' old quarters, hoping that his futuristic database might give them some answers.

Indeed, the database contains what appears to be a schematic for the ship. Theorizing that the ship and its occupant are from the future, Archer has a troubling revelation: if the Suliban take the ship, they could dismantle it and learn how the engine works. This could change the course of the Temporal Cold War. Before he has time to ponder this further, Enterprise is approached by another vessel. This one belongs to the Tholians, a xenophobic, non-humanoid species. The Tholians say they have been sent to retrieve the futuristic vessel, and claim that its temporal radiation could be dangerous to the Enterprise crew. When Archer refuses to turn it over, the Tholians lock on to Enterprise with a tractor beam. Archer, however, threatens to destroy the futuristic vessel and the Tholians retreat.

Trip and Reed work to unlock the mystery of the black box device, but as they do, they suddenly find themselves locked in a time loop, repeating their actions over and over. Archer wonders if this is the "temporal radiation" the Tholians referred to and orders the launch bay sealed off until further notice. He decides that the best course of actions is to rendezvous with the Vulcans and have them take the futuristic vessel back to Earth.

As the Suliban vessels approach Enterprise yet again, Trip finally determines that the black box device is actually a micro-transmitter — some sort of emergency beacon. As Enterprise approaches the Vulcan rendezvous point, the Suliban ships attack. And when the Vulcan ship comes into view, it's apparent that it has been attacked as well — the crew is alive, but the vessel is completely disabled. Suddenly, a group of Tholian ships emerge from the wreckage, firing on Enterprise. The Tholians catch the eye of the Suliban, who begin firing on them. Entrprise is now caught in a crossfire, so Archer orders Trip to activate the emergency beacon, hoping that whoever built it might send help. Meanwhile, he and Reed will arm one of Enterprise's torpedo warheads manually.

As they work to arm the torpedo, the battle between the Suliban and the Tholians rages on. Suddenly, Archer and Reed find themselves caught in another time loop. They work against the clock and finally manage to arm the warhead ... which the Tholians, who have beaten the Suliban, quickly neutralize. Luckily, Trip has managed to activate the beacon. As the device powers up, it suddenly vanishes, as does the futuristic vessel and the humanoid corpse. Everything has dematerialized ... but it's not aboard the Tholian ships. Realizing that their quarry has vanishes, the Tholians retreat.

In the aftermath, Archer and his crew are left to wonder about the origins of the future ship and its contents. For now, it will all remain a mystery.


Upon leaving the Enolian homeworld, Archer and Trip are mistakenly identified as smugglers and arrested. The two men are placed on a prison transport headed for the penal colony known as Canamar. Among their fellow prisoners are the menacing Kuroda, a hulking Nausicaan and a young, talkative alien named Zoumas.

Back on Enterprise, T'Pol manages to convince an Enolian official that Archer and Trip are innocent and he arranges for their safe return. Just as Archer and Trip are about to be set free, however, Kuroda breaks free and, with the Nausicaan's help, takes down the guard and pilot. With the pilot out of commission, there's no one to fly the ship. Hoping to figure out an escape plan of his own, Archer volunteers to pilot the craft. He also pretends to be a smuggler, hoping that Kuroda will come to trust him. When the vessel comes under attack from Enolian patrol ships, Archer also convinces Kuroda to allow Trip to assist them. Trip manages to create a plasma cloud that, once ignited, fends the patrol ships off, allowing prison transport jumps to warp.

Meanwhile, Archer has also managed to covertly transmit a distress signal from the prison ship, and the Enterprise crew picks up on it. Unfortunately, the Enolian official has bad news — his superiors have issued orders to destroy the prison transport. Although Archer and Trip are still onboard, the Enolians are determined to get rid of the violent Kuroda. If the crew is to save their fellow officers, they have to find the prison transport before the Enolian patrol ships do.

Back on the prison transport, Kuroda is impressed with Archer's ploy to fend off the Enolian ships. In fact, Kuroda has come to respect Archer and asks the captain to join him on his next endeavor. As the two men talk, Kuroda reveals that he was 14 when he first spent time in a penal colony. He was innocent, but he still spent five years in prison, where he picked up many new skills. He started making a living as a criminal after he was released. Kuroda also finally reveals where he's taking the transport: a trading outpost called Tamaal. Once there, they will rendezvous with another ship and Kuroda will set the transport on a decaying orbit. The other prisoners will be incinerated. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with Archer, but when he tries to talk Kuroda out of it, the other man merely dismisses him.

Archer is determined to save the other prisoners and enlists Trip's aid. Trip is freed under the pretense of fixing a docking hatch, but Archer wants him to overpower the Nausicaan so they can take control of the ship. Trip manages to render the hulking alien unconscious, but the commotion draws the attention of Kuroda, who stuns Trip with a weapon and realizes that Archer has been plotting against him all along. The transport docks with another ship at the Tamaal rendezvous point ... but when the doors open, Reed, Mayweather and a Starfleet security guard appear! The crew manages to get all of the prisoners off the transport, which is now in a decaying orbit, but Kuroda refuses to come. He would rather die than return to prison. As the others leave, he remains on the transport and the vessel explodes.

Back on Enterprise, the Enolian official demands a report for his superiors. Archer, however, is in no mood to give one. He tersely informs the official that Kuroda is dead and that he and Trip were falsely arrested. Angrily, Archer wonders how many others are on their way to Canamar that don't belong there.

The Crossing

Enterprise encounters a large, otherworldly vessel unlike any the crew has seen before. They try to make contact with it, but to no avail. Suddenly, a large portal opens and the ship "swallows" Enterprise, rendering its weapons and engines useless. Luckily, life support is still operational. Archer, Trip and Reed take a shuttlepod into the cavernous ship for further exploration. Although there doesn't seem to be any immediate threat to Enterprise, Trip is suddenly attacked by a colorful wisp of smoke that seems to invade his body for a few seconds before releasing him. Back in Sickbay, Trip insists that he's fine. He explains that during his brief encounter with the alien wisp, he had an out-of-body experience and believed he was in Florida and visiting an old girlfriend.

Archer is perplexed, to say the least. He orders Trip to get the engines back online, then discusses the situation with T'Pol. Though Archer believes that their captors have hostile intentions, T'Pol cautions that there's no reason to believe these mysterious aliens mean Enterprise any harm. Suddenly, Archer and T'Pol are contacted by a crewman who informs them that Trip is acting strangely. They find the commander in the mess hall, devouring large amounts of food and speaking in an odd manner. Archer deduces that Trip has been overtaken by another being, and attempts to communicate with it. The alien informs Archer that Trip is exploring another realm while the alien explores humanity. Archer insists that Trip and Enterprise be released. The alien complies, and the giant alien vessel releases Enterprise while the alien lifeform leaves Trip's body. A dazed Trip tells Archer that his exchange with the alien made for some amazing experiences and that the aliens told him that anyone on the crew was free to try a similar exchange. Archer, however, is still skeptical, and is determined to get Enterprise away from the area as soon as possible. Unfortunately, engines are still down.

As the crew works, more of them are suddenly invaded by the strange, noncorporeal beings. Reed is overtaken and attempts to mate with T'Pol, while Hoshi is invaded and tries to incapacitate Dr. Phlox. As more and more crewmembers are overtaken, Archer realizes that Enterprise cannot leave the area until the crew is returned to normal. While Phlox works on a solution, Mayweather is chased into the catwalk by one of the wisps. When the wisp doesn't follow him, he realizes that the area must contain a component that keeps the alien beings out. Upon hearing this, Archer orders all unaffected crewmembers to the catwalk.

Once there, Archer and T'Pol discuss options for saving the crew. T'Pol has an idea: she wants to allow one of the aliens to enter her body so that she can learn the intentions of the beings. She insists that the highly-evolved Vulcan mind should be able to resist being overtaken. Once T'Pol leaves the catwalk, she immediately encounters one of the wisps. She is able to resist invasion, but learns that the beings have been lying to Archer. Their ship is deteriorating and they need corporeal bodies in order to survive. With this in mind, Archer hatches a plan — he will send Phlox (whose biological make-up is incompatible with the aliens) to release carbon dioxide into Enterprise's living quarters, rendering the affected crewmembers unconscious. Once that happens, the aliens won't be able to survive and will leave the crewmembers' bodies. Phlox carries out Archer's orders, but meets an unexpected foe: Trip, who has been overtaken once again. Luckily, Phlox manages to release the gas, which knocks Trip out. The wisps vacate the crewmembers' bodies and Enterprise takes off with the alien ship in pursuit. Enterprise fires torpedoes, which detonate and destroy the vessel for good.


On Narendra III, Archer stands before a Klingon court magistrate and a crowd of blood-thirsty Klingons. The captain is charged with conspiring against the Klingon Empire, and will stand trial. He is banished to his cell, where Dr. Phlox pays him a visit. The doctor, who is tending to Archer under the ruse that the captain is suffering from a mysterious illness, quietly lets Archer know that T'Pol and the rest of the crew are working on a way to free their captain. As Phlox leaves, Archer meets his Klingon advocate Kolos, who warns him not to speak during the tribunal.

The trial gets underway, and Prosecutor Orak calls his first witness — Duras, the former captain of the battle cruiser Bortas. After a skirmish with Enterprise, Duras was demoted to second weapons officer. Duras explains that Enterprise was harboring Klingon fugitives, and he asked Archer to surrender them to the Bortas. Duras insists that the captain was very aggressive, and ordered an attack on the Bortas. Archer is appalled by Duras' account and wants a chance to explain himself, but Kolos tells him to keep silent. Orak notes that Archer was clearly the aggressor in the matter, and that the captain was obviously conspiring to disgrace Duras and incite a rebellion. In short, says Orak, Archer is an enemy of the Klingon Empire. Archer insists that Duras' account of events isn't correct, but once again, Kolos refuses to respond to the accusations.

Later, Kolos visits Archer in his cell — he's spoken to the magistrate, who is willing to offer Archer a deal. If the captain will give up the location of the fugitives, his life will be spared. Archer, however, doesn't believe the fugitives are guilty of anything, and refuses. Archer insists that he be allowed to defend himself, and expresses outrage the Kolos isn't willing to do more in order to attain justice. Kolos explains that he became an advocate many years ago, when things were different. Times have changed, and he feels that he's too old to change the rules. Archer accuses him of being afraid, shaming the honorable Klingon.

A short time later, Kolos seems to have a change of heart, and presents Archer's case with flair. He even convinces the magistrate to allow Archer to give his own version of the events. Archer describes finding a vessel with a small group of aliens aboard, many of them barely clinging to life. The crew brought the refugees onboard Enterprise, offering them food and medical assistance. The refugees explained that they were "annexed" by the Klingon Empire, only to be stripped of their resources and abandoned when they requested aid. When Duras showed up with the Bortas, Archer was reluctant to turn the refugees in. He tried to reason with Duras and negotiate a diplomatic outcome, but the Klingon captain wouldn't listen and the Bortas fired on Enterprise.

As Archer recounts his story, Kolos feels the trial turning in his favor. He offers further evidence that Archer is not an enemy of the Klingon Empire — after all, the captain has helped the Empire in the past. He exposed a Suliban plot to divide the Empire and later rescued a Klingon Raptor. Kolos' defense is convincing enough that the magistrate agrees to spare Archer's life. However, he sentences the captain to life in the dilithium mines on the penal colony of Rura Penthe. When Kolos objects to the sentence, the magistrate sentences him to a year on the colony.

On Rura Penthe, Archer and Kolos work side by side in the frigid mines. The duo is surprised when Archer's crewmates show up to rescue the captain — T'Pol managed to find a few Klingon officials to bribe. Archer asks Kolos to come with them, but he refuses. Kolos reveals that Archer has made an impression on him — he wants to restore honor to the Klingon people, but he cannot do that as a fugitive. As Archer and his crewmates escape, Kolos returns to work in the mines. Perhaps one day, he can help his people to a better future.


Enterprise reverses course to investigate a geological phenomenon — a planet that's about to be covered with erupting volcanoes. The course change will take the ship near the E.C.S. Horizon, the cargo ship where Mayweather grew up. Mayweather requests a few days off to make a family visit — he hasn't been home in several years, and his father is ill. The ensign is somewhat nervous about seeing his family — his father didn't seem to approve of his decision to leave Horizon to join Starfleet. Ultimately, Mayweather's homecoming proves to be bittersweet — when he contacts his mother, Rianna, she reveals that his father died a few weeks ago.

Once aboard Horizon, Mayweather finds himself adapting to the rough-around-the-edges cargo ship. It's sturdy, but doesn't boast the high-tech perks of the warp-5 Enterprise. Most of the ship's crew welcomes Mayweather warmly, expressing pride at the young ensign's accomplishments. Still, Mayweather can't help but feel a bit out of place. His brother, Paul, was promoted to captain upon their father's death. While Paul acts like he knows what he's doing, Horizon isn't exactly running like clockwork — the new captain doesn't seem to be quite ready for the job. He also seems resentful of Mayweather — when Mayweather attempts to make a few upgrades to Horizon, Paul curtly asks him to stop.

Soon, the Horizon faces a new, potentially disastrous challenge. An alien ship attacks the cargo vessel, attaching a dangerous homing device to its hull. Mayweather surmises that the device could explode if they try to detach it. Also, the crew notes that another ship was attacked several weeks earlier after a similar device was planted on their hull. An alien cruiser stole their shipment and killed several crewmembers. While Mayweather wants to adapt some of Horizon's systems in order to better prepare it for a possible fight, Paul insists that they jettison some of the cargo and attempt to make it to their next stop as soon as possible. If they can't make it, they will simply turn the cargo over to the aliens. Mayweather isn't too fond of this plan, but Paul is firm — this is his decision.

Meanwhile, on Enterprise, Trip is trying to convince T'Pol to come to a screening of "Frankenstein." T'Pol has no interest in human horror movies, but Archer eventually convinces her to go — fraternizing with the rest of the crew will be good for her. To her surprise, T'Pol finds herself engrossed in the movie. In fact, she later tells Archer and Trip that she sees it as parallel to the experience the Vulcans had when they first landed on Earth. She notes that she is looking forward to watching "Bride of Frankenstein."

On Horizon, Mayweather is making a few upgrades without Paul's knowledge. When Paul finds out, he angrily confronts his brother. Mayweather, however, is firm — he's just trying to help his family and the crew. Later on, the ship is approached by an alien cruiser. Paul prepares to surrender their cargo, but then the aliens make another request — surrender the Horizon. Paul enlists Mayweather's experience, ordering his brother to bring the makeshift weapons upgrades online and take the helm. Mayweather suggests cutting the cargo loose and battling the alien ship with Horizon's command module. Paul agrees, and the brothers are able to successfully fend off the alien attack.

In the end, Paul reconciles with his brother, and sends Mayweather back to Enterprise. Pleased that he and Paul have come to an understanding, Mayweather promises to visit soon.

The Breach

Enterprise is asked to evacuate a group of Denobulan geologists from Xantoras, a world that has been taken over by a militant faction. The Denobulans are located in some underground caverns, so the rescue team — Mayweather, Trip and Reed — will have to traverse some treacherous rock formations in order to get them out. Meanwhile, another ship of off-worlders is headed away from Xantoras when their reactor casing is ruptured, flooding the ship with radiation. When the Xantoran officials refuse to let the ship land, Archer agrees to bring the evacuees onboard Enterprise for treatment. One of the evacuees is an Antaran named Hudak, who is horrified that Enterprise's doctor is Denobulan. Phlox explains to Archer that the Denobulans and Antarans have a troubled, bloody history between them — the two species have gone to war several times. Even though it's been three hundred years since the last conflict, much bad blood still exists between them.

As it turns out, Hudak has absorbed a heavy dose of radiation and will need a medical procedure in order to live. Hudak, however, refuses to be treated by a Denobulan, and Phlox won't treat a patient against their wishes. Archer threatens to order Phlox to do so, but the doctor stands firm — he will not treat the Antaran until Hudak gives his consent.

Meanwhile, Trip, Reed and Mayweather are attempting to navigate the treacherous caves on Xantoras. Mayweather is a skilled climber, and attempts to teach Reed and Trip various techniques. Unfortunately, the trio suffers a dangerous fall, and Mayweather injures his ankle. As he cannot proceed, Trip and Reed continue on without him and eventually locate the Denobulan geologists. The geologists, however, are unwilling to leave. Their research is going very well and they've collected many important rock samples.

On Enterprise, Archer tries to convince Phlox to set aside his preconceptions and attempt to get through to Hudak. If the Antaran doesn't receive the necessary treatment soon, he will die. Phlox attempts to make conversation with Hudak, but Hudak isn't interested. He asks Phlox if he ever told his children stories about evil Antarans, or taught them to be afraid of the Antaran people. Hudak's harsh words cause Phlox to examine his own upbringing — he remembers being taught to hate Antarans, and was determined not to raise his own children the same way. He tells Hudak that he tried to educate his children, to raise them so they wouldn't be prejudiced against other species. He also reveals that his son Mettus did end up embracing hateful, anti-Antaran values, and that this has created a rift between father and son. In the end, Phlox's words move Hudak, and the Antaran can't help but think of his own children. He agrees to go through with the procedure.

Meanwhile, a frustrated Trip has finally convinced the Denobulan geologists to leave the cave. As the caves are rocked by nearby fire, Archer discovers that a Xantoras patrol has opened fire on soldiers from a previous regime. Archer manages to convince the Governor of Xantoras to stop firing until Trip and the others return to Enterprise. They escape just in time, and the Denobulan geologists are brought safely onboard.

Having successfully recovered from the treatment, Hudak prepares to leave. Archer sees him off, informing him that the Denobulan geologists will be joining Hudak on the transport. Hudak is cautious, but seems more open to the idea than he would have previously. As Hudak heads off, Phlox sits in Sickbay, penning a letter to his son. He expresses that a recent experience has changed him and he hopes his son will listen. Perhaps it's the first step in re-building a bridge between a father and his estranged child.


Archer is thrilled to be within ten light years of a hypergiant star. As the crew prepares to study the phenomenon, they make first contact with another species — the Vissians, who are also in the area to study the hypergiant. After the Vissian captain, Drennik, explains that meeting new species is one of their primary goals, Archer invites him and his crew onboard Enterprise for dinner. Once there, Drennik and Archer hit it off, and Drennik invites Archer to join him when he takes the Vissian stratopod deep into the hypergiant the following day. Archer enthusiastically accepts the invitation. Meanwhile, other crewmembers are mingling with the Vissians. Reed hits it off with a female Vissian tactical officer, while Trip meets the Vissian chief engineer and his wife. Trip is intrigued by a third individual the couple has with them, a member of the species' third gender known as a "cogenitor." The cogenitor is a nameless individual who somehow makes pregnancies among Vissians possible — the engineer and his wife are trying to have a baby.

The Vissian engineer invites Trip to explore the engineering department on the Vissian ship. But, while there, Trip can't help but ask questions about the cogenitor. In an effort to learn more, he accepts a dinner invitation from the engineer and his wife. As they talk over dinner, Trip can't help but feel that the cogenitor is mistreated. The Vissians seem to think of it as something less than a pet, and it is not allowed to attend school or learn. With help from Dr. Phlox, Trip surreptitiously scans the cogenitor, and learns that it has the same mental capacities as the other Vissians.

Meanwhile, other Enterprise crewmembers are forming close bonds with their new Vissian acquaintances. Archer and the Vissian captain come to be friends as they pilot a small Vissian craft through the hypergiant, while Reed forms a romantic attachment to the Vissian tactical officer.

Trip, however, is becoming close to the cogenitor. After determining that it has the same mental capacity as other Vissians, he attempts to help it by secretly teaching it to read. He tries to encourage it, telling it that it has the same abilities and rights as other Vissians. He even goes so far as to invite it onboard Enterprise for a tour, and introduces it to such concepts as movies and games. The more the cogenitor learns, the more excited it is about the prospect of being able to live a fuller life. Unfortunately, the other Vissians don't feel the same way. Once they learn of Trip's secret encounters with the cogenitor, they inform him that he is no longer welcome on their ship. The cogenitor, meanwhile, asks Trip for refuge on Enterprise.

When Archer returns from his adventure with the Vissian captain, he is furious at Trip for interfering in Vissian affairs. However, he knows that he must take the cogenitor's plea for asylum seriously. After a meeting with the Vissians and further thought on the matter, he eventually decides that he must send the cogenitor back to the Vissian ship. As the captains bid farewell, the Vissian captain mentions that he hopes the incident won't tarnish the two species' future relationship.

Then, a few days later, tragedy strikes. The Vissian captain contacts Archer — the cogenitor has committed suicide. Angrily, Archer expresses his displeasure at Trip's actions. Trip realizes that his role in the cogenitor's education means that he is responsible for her death. Shaken, he can only ponder his actions and their consequences.


An arctic research team on Earth discovers debris from an alien vessel, nearly a century old, buried in a glacier along with the bodies of two cybernetically enhanced humanoids. Once those beings are thawed for investigation, they come to life and abduct the scientists and their transport vessel.

After visiting the research site, Admiral Forrest calls in Enterprise to find the transport. On the way, the crew receives a distress call from a Tarkalean freighter, which is under attack from an unknown species. Once they track down the freighter, the crew notes that it is being attacked by a modified version of the arctic transport.

Enterprise fends off the transport and brings the two Tarkalean survivors onboard. Phlox notes that they should live, but that nanoprobes from this cybernetic species have infiltrated their systems. They are being transformed into a cybernetic hybrid, and the formerly human researchers are most likely going through a similar transformation. Phlox is attempting to come up with something that will slow the nanoprobes' progress. Though Phlox doesn't believes these beings are a danger to the crew, Archer orders Reed to post a guard in Sickbay.

As Enterprise continues to search for the transport, Archer realizes that there's something familiar about this incident. He points to a speech Zefram Cochrane made years ago, wherein Cochrane referred to "cybernetic creatures from the future." T'Pol is skeptical of Cochrane's comments, but Archer remains troubled — Cochrane said that the creatures' ultimate goal was to "enslave the human race."

Back in Sickbay, Phlox is attacked by one of the cybernetic beings, who injects him with some strange tubules. The two altered Tarkaleans also attack the security guard and escape. When Phlox comes to, he realizes that he's been infected with nanoprobes. While he works furiously to figure out a treatment, Archer orders Reed and his security contingent to scour the ship for the altered Tarkaleans. As they search, the beings manage to modify most of Enterprise's primary systems. When Reed finally tracks them down, phase-pistols seem to have no effect on them — in fact, they're able to adapt very quickly and shield themselves from weapons fire. Desperate, Archer is forced to seal the modified Tarkaleans off from the rest of the ship and eject them into space.

Soon, Enterprise manages to locate the transport and sets out after it. While Trip and Reed prepare for the inevitable encounter with the strange beings, Archer and T'Pol wonder if they'll be able to save the now-altered humans aboard the transport. Meanwhile, Phlox has figured out a way to reverse his transformation — he will need to subject himself to an intense dose of radiation. If the procedure should fail, he warns Archer, the captain will have to end Phlox's life.

The crew finally tracks down the altered transport, which has increased in size. The transport targets the modified systems on Enterprise, effectively shutting the ship down. An incoming transmission informs the crew that they will be assimilated — resistance is futile. But Archer isn't ready to give up just yet. He and Reed transport over to the ship, determined to shut it down. While there, they encounter the now-altered arctic researchers, as well as other cybernetic lifeforms that used to be human. Reed and Archer head for the ship's EPS manifold, fighting off these lifeforms all the way. They manage to attach several charges to the manifold, then transport back to Enterprise. Once they do, the charges explode, ripping through the vessel. Still, Reed notes that the systems on the transport are quickly restoring themselves. With Enterprise's weapons coming back on-line, Archer orders Reed to target the transport's warp core. Enterprise fires, and the transport explodes.

Meanwhile, Phlox has managed to cure himself using the radiation. His experience has left him somewhat unsettled, however. He tells Archer and T'Pol that while he was infected, he seemed to have a connection with the rest of the aliens, as if he was part of a collective consciousness. They seemed to be trying to send some sort of message. As Archer later deduces, the message was actually a set of coordinates — the creatures were telling their homeworld how to find Earth. Though the danger seems to have passed for the time being, Archer worries that he's only postponed the inevitable invasion.

First Flight

Archer receives news that A.G. Robinson, his old rival in the early days of the NX test program, has died. During a shuttlepod mission, Archer reminisces to T'Pol about the time he and Robinson were pilots competing for the honor of being the first to break the Warp 2 barrier.

Just as Enterprise is about to investigate what appears to be a dark matter nebula, Archer receives word that his old rival A.G. Robinson has died while climbing Mt. McKinley. Archer and T'Pol set off in a shuttlepod, and while the captain is uncharacteristically quiet, T'Pol finally gets him to open up about his complicated history with Robinson. Archer begins to remember the days when he and Robinson were part of the NX test program trying to break warp 2, while Admiral Forrest was a Commodore overseeing the program at Starfleet Command...

Both Robinson and Archer want the first flight — the assignment is particularly important to Archer, as his father designed the engine. Ultimately, Forrest gives the mission to Robinson. Though Archer is disappointed, he promises to give Robinson all the support he needs — later, at the 602 Club, he even raises a toast to his rival. Robinson confides that Archer didn't get the assignment because he's too by-the-book. Archer is trying to be a great pilot, but Robinson knows that Starfleet would rather have a great captain.

The next day, Robinson goes up in the NX-Alpha. Archer and Forrest man mission control as a few Vulcan advisors look on. The mission starts off well, but when the vessel encounters some problems, Archer and Forrest tell Robinson to abort. Robinson, however, is determined to break warp 2. He does, but the NX craft is destroyed. Robinson manages to get out just in time via an escape pod. The Vulcans are unimpressed with Robinson's stubbornness, and believe the NX vessel is faulty. Later on, Archer has drinks at the 602 Club with Forrest and a new acquaintance — Lieutenant Trip Tucker. Forrest reveals that the Vulcans have urged Starfleet to put the NX program on hold for an indefinite period of time ... and Starfleet has agreed. When Robinson shows up, he and Archer get into a heated argument about the mission — Archer believes Robinson is at fault, while Robinson blames the engine. The two men eventually come to blows, until Trip breaks up the argument.

After he cools off, Archer realizes that Robinson's words ring a bit true — there are problems with the engine. He and Trip run a few calculations and realize that they can make it work. They enlist Robinson in a plan to convince the Vulcans that the NX program is worth keeping on track. Robinson, however, doesn't believe that just talking with the Vulcans will work. He suggests they use the remaining NX vessel, the NX-Beta, to prove their point. The trio plans a night launch — Trip runs things from the ground while Robinson and Archer head up in the NX vessel. They succeed in getting off the ground without being noticed, but it's not long before they're found out. As Forrest orders them back to the ground, the two officers manage to get to warp 2.5 without any disastrous technical malfunctions.

Back on the ground, Forrest is furious (if more than a little impressed) and lectures his officers on their carelessness. Archer can't help but respond. He gives an impassioned speech about the importance of their actions, and how it will only help to further human exploration. The NX program continues, and several years later, Archer is awarded command of the Enterprise.

Back in the present day, T'Pol is intrigued by Archer's story. Just as he's finishing up, they discover the elusive dark matter nebula they were searching for. As it lights up the sky, even T'Pol can't help but be in awe. Archer notes that a sight like this is one of the reasons he and Robinson worked so hard to explore space. Back on Enterprise, T'Pol mentions that it is a human custom to name something you've discovered. She suggests dubbing the nebula "The Robinson Nebula." A moved Archer can only nod in agreement.


The crew of the Enterprise encounters Skalaar, a Tellarite who offers to give them a tour of a nearby planet. As it turns out, Skalaar is actually a bounty hunter who kidnaps Archer, planning to turn him over to the Klingons for a reward. The Klingons have apparently placed a substantial price on Archer's head since his escape from Rura Penthe. Archer tries to plead his case with Skalaar, but the Tellarite doesn't want to listen, and claims not to care if Archer is guilty of the crime he was imprisoned for. Archer soon learns that Skalaar plans on using the substantial reward money to buy back his cargo ship, the Tezra.

The Tellarite runs into trouble when a rival bounty hunter tracks him down and demands that he turn over Archer. Skalaar refuses, and the rival bounty hunter opens fire on the Tellarite's ship. Archers convinces Skalaar to temporarily free him — while Skalaar makes repairs, Archer will pilot the craft. The two men end up landing on a nearby planet, where they make further repairs to Skalaar's ship. As they work, Archer learns more about Skalaar's circumstances. The Tezra is very important to Skalaar — it was the first ship of its class, and Skalaar retrofitted the engines himself. On one mission, Skalaar and his brother were hauling cargo when Skalaar decided to take a shortcut through Klingon space. Unfortunately, the Klingons caught them and took the ship. Skalaar dreams of buying it back one day.

On Enterprise, T'Pol and Phlox are undergoing decon in order to get rid of a microbe they picked up on a recent away mission. T'Pol is acting strangely — she's having a hard time controlling her emotions and is making sexual overtures to Phlox. It appears that the microbe has activated T'Pol's mating cycle — she is undergoing pon farr. If she doesn't mate with a male soon, she will die. Phlox races to find a treatment, but T'Pol's emotions keep getting more and more erratic. Finally, she knocks Phlox out and escapes from Sickbay. Luckily, Reed and a security team manage to track her down and sedate her.

Meanwhile, Skalaar pays his brother Gaavrin a visit. Gaavrin now works as a maintenance engineer and is skeptical of Skalaar's schemes to win back the Tezra. Skalaar asks for an antimatter injector and tells Gaavrin it's only a matter of time before he's able to get the Tezra back. Gaavrin angrily informs Skalaar that his plan won't work — the Klingons cannibalized the ship a long time ago. There's nothing left of it. Skalaar is devastated by this news. Even if he can't get the Tezra back, he still has to give Archer to the Klingons ... or he may end up dead as well. Archer, however, has an idea.

Skalaar turns Archer over to the Klingons as planned, but hides a small lock pick in the captain's handcuffs. Meanwhile, he also alerts Enterprise to the location of the Klingon ship. Archer frees himself and departs the Klingon ship in an escape pod, just as Enterprise is arriving on the scene. Enterprise locks on to Archer and fends off the Klingon ship, damaging it enough to make a quick getaway.

In Sickbay, Phlox has managed to treat T'Pol and she wakes up feeling more or less like her usual self. Though T'Pol is embarrassed by her actions, Phlox promises not to mention what happened to anyone.

Finally, Skalaar contacts Archer to make sure the captain escaped the Klingons. He also warns that the price on Archer's head will probably double. Grateful to have made a new friend, Archer bids Skalaar farewell.

The Expanse

An alien probe unleashes an assault upon Earth. Enterprise is recalled, and along the way home Captain Archer acquires information that the perpetrators come from a mysterious region of space known as the Delphic Expanse.

A probe from an unknown alien source unleashes a devastating assault on Earth, cutting a swath from Florida to Venezuela. Millions are killed, including Trip's younger sister, and Enterprise is called home. On the way back, the ship encounters a Suliban vessel that abducts Archer. Once again, Archer comes face to face with Silik and the mysterious humanoid figure. The figure informs him that the probe that attacked Earth was sent by the Xindi, a race that believes humans will destroy their homeworld in the future. They were given this information by individuals from the future who can communicate through time. The figure also tells Archer that the Xindi are working on a much more powerful weapon that they will use to destroy Earth. The humanoid figure believes that deploying such a weapon will contaminate the timeline.

Once Archer is returned to his ship and Enterprise reaches Earth, the crew is confronted with yet another obstacle — a Klingon bird-of-prey commanded by the vengeful Duras, who is determined to have his revenge on Archer and reclaim his honor. Luckily, a few Starfleet vessels are onhand to assist Enterprise in fending off the attack and the Klingons retreat. At Starfleet Headquarters, Archer tries to convince Admiral Forrest and Ambassador Soval that the threat the Xindi pose is very real. He even has a set of coordinates, given to him by the mysterious figure. The coordinates are inside the Delphic Expanse, an area that's something like the Bermuda Triangle of space. Soval and Forrest aren't convinced that Archer's information justifies a mission into this area. Luckily, the humanoid figure has also provided Archer with proof. Archer scans the remains of the Xindi probe with a quantum-dating device, which shows that some of the debris is from the future.

With this information, Starfleet gives Archer the go-ahead for a new mission to the Delphic Expanse. Enterprise is fitted with new weapons and equipment and assigned some military personnel. Meanwhile, the Vulcan High Command informs T'Pol that they do not want to her to go on the mission. — if she decides to remain onboard Enterprise, she will lose her commission.

Enterprise sets off, planning for a stop on Vulcan along the way to drop off T'Pol. First, however, they must deal once again with Duras, who attacks once again. The crew manages to fend him off using the newly-upgraded weapons. Meanwhile, T'Pol has come to a decision — she wants to remain on Enterprise. She has resigned from the High Command. With that settled, Archer sets a course for the Delphic Expanse.

As they approach the Expanse, Duras attacks once again — and this time, he has two other birds-of-prey to assist him. Though two of the Klingon ships turn back as they get close to the Expanse, Duras presses on. Through some clever maneuvering, Archer manages to avoid the Klingon ship and eventually destroys it. With no other obstacles in their way, the crew of the Enterprise bravely heads for the Expanse ... and the unknown.