VOY Saison 2

Voyager saison 2 : les épisodes

The 37's

When a pickup truck from the 1930's inexplicably shows up in space, it's beamed aboard Voyager for closer inspection. Even more peculiar, the truck's radio is picking up an SOS distress call — but from where? Kim traces the signal to a nearby star system and Janeway orders the crew to lay in a course to the signaling planet. An unusual amount of interference in the upper atmosphere prevents them from beaming down, so Janeway tells Paris to land the ship on the planet's surface.

The Away Team follows the SOS to the cockpit of an airplane that was built during the same era as the truck. Beyond the plane, the crew finds a chamber containing eight humans in cryo-stasis units. All are dressed in 1930's attire, and one unit holds famed aviator Amelia Earhart, who disappeared with her navigator Fred Noonan on July 2, 1937. The eight humans are revived from suspended animation.

Once awake, the humans demand to know where they are and how they got there. After Janeway explains that they were probably abducted by aliens 400 years earlier, a suspicious Noonan and some of the others take the crew hostage. Hoping to convince them of the truth, Janeway gets Earhart to venture outside the chamber to see Voyager, but as soon as they do, they come under fire by two snipers on a hill.

Janeway quells the attack and learns the snipers are two humans who have mistaken the crew for the Briori: an alien race that kidnapped more than 300 people from Earth in 1937 and brought them to the planet as slaves. After a successful slave revolt chased the Briori off, the humans created a colony. However, they believed that the eight "37's" in Earhart's group were dead, and they left them in their cryo-stasis units for centuries.

The colonists offer the 37's and Voyager's crew the opportunity to remain on the Earth-like planet, and Janeway allows each member of her flock to choose for his or herself. Although Neelix and Chakotay are sure they want to go with Janeway, she can't be so sure about the other crewmembers, who debate the merits of settling on the planet. Ultimately, Amelia Earhart and the other 37's decide to stay with their "descendants," but to Janeway's relief, the entire Voyager crew opts to leave with her.



Janeway gives Chakotay permission to borrow a shuttlecraft so he can perform a solitary ritual commemorating his father's death. His vessel inadvertently drifts into Kazon-Ogla space and Chakotay is targeted by Kar, a Kazon youth attempting to earn his warrior name by killing the Federation trespasser. Instead, Chakotay destroys Kar's ship, but beams the boy aboard before it explodes. When Chakotay tries to return Kar to his people, he's taken hostage.

The Kazon view Kar with contempt, and Kar blames Chakotay for his fate. Dying in battle would have been more honorable and far preferable to his dismal future. Now, Kar may never win his warrior name. The Kazon leader, Razik, ominously informs Chakotay that "the execution is tonight." But later Razik tells Chakotay that he will free him, but only if he agrees to kill Kar. Chakotay refuses, overpowers Razik and demands the return of his shuttlecraft. Facing certain death himself, Kar leaves with Chakotay. Damaged by Kazon fire, they're forced to beam down to a nearby moon, which Kar says serves as a training base for the Kazon-Ogla. Back on Voyager, the crew, which has been looking for its missing first officer, finds traces of Chakotay's shuttlecraft and continues their search.

Kar helps Chakotay negotiate safely around the surface of the moon, which is riddled with booby traps as part of the Ogla training. Taking shelter in a cave, Kar waits until Chakotay falls asleep and then raises his weapon. But he finds himself unable to murder him.

Arriving at the moon, the Away Team runs into Razik and his henchmen, who offer to lead them to Chakotay and Kar. Razik hopes to trap the crew, but he isn't successful. Chakotay comes up with a plan to help Kar win his name, but Kar comes up with an alternative. Chakotay is not his enemy, Razik is. He kills the Ogla leader, and then Razik's second in command — now the First Maje — pronounces Kar a warrior. Before the crew beams back to Voyager, Kar warns Chakotay that the next time they meet, he won't hesitate to kill him.



The program for the Emergency Medical Hologram is activated due to what the computer describes as a ship-wide emergency. When the Doctor asks the computer to scan for the crew, he learns that they were all forced to abandon ship. Later, he encounters Torres, who says that she and the Captain stayed behind to stop a warp core breach caused by a Kazon attack; the remaining crew escaped in lifepods. Informed that the injured captain needs his assistance, the Doctor is sent to the Bridge, courtesy of new holo-emitters installed throughout the ship.

After reviving Janeway, the Doctor is summoned to the mess hall to assist Neelix, who is engaged in battle with a Kazon soldier. After the scuffle, the holographic doctor is astonished to learn that he himself is bleeding. When queried, the computer insists that the Doctor is actually Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, the human who created Voyager's EMH. Stranger still, when the Captain tells the computer to shut down all of the ship's holographic systems, Janeway, Neelix, Torres and the Kazon soldier vanish — but the Doctor remains intact.

Just then, Reg Barclay appears and introduces himself as Zimmerman's assistant. Barclay tells the Doctor that he is at Jupiter Station running a holodeck program, but something has gone wrong due to a radiation surge. He claims there's no U.S.S. Voyager lost in the Delta Quadrant; it's simply a program that Zimmerman created. He tells the Doctor that he must end the simulation before radiation from the accident kills him, and the only way to do so is by destroying Voyager.

At first, the Doctor flatly refuses. Yet Reg's arguments are persuasive, and soon the Doctor is prepared to fire his phaser at Voyager's warp core. Suddenly, Chakotay appears and orders the Doctor to lower his weapon, claiming that Barclay is lying.

Chakotay explains that there's been an accident on Voyager that affected the imaging system while the Doctor was in the holodeck. Chakotay says that Barclay himself is a simulation, and that if the Doctor listens to him, he'll wind up destroying his own program. The Doctor isn't sure whom to believe but delays acting on Barclay's advice long enough to prove that Chakotay's story is true. The problem is finally solved, and the Doctor is returned to Sickbay where he reflects on his unusual day.


When the ship encounters a swarm of space-dwelling lifeforms, the crew first opts to study them from a distance. But after the creatures draw Voyager into their midst, their unusual energy patterns create problems for many of the ship's systems and cause some very strange symptoms in Kes. First the Ocampan begins eating everything in sight. Later she becomes delirious, and her body goes through peculiar changes.

As the crew tries to figure out a way to move away from the lifeforms without harming them, the Doctor examines Kes and discovers that they are wreaking havoc with her metabolism. They are pushing her prematurely into the "elogium" — the phase in which Ocampan women become fertile. The process occurs only once in an Ocampan's life, so if Kes ever wants to have a child, she must do so immediately.

Janeway and Chakotay discuss the implications of having babies on board Voyager, while Kes asks Neelix to father her child. Neelix's initial hesitation causes Kes to question whether he really wants a baby. Later, Neelix consults with Tuvok about the pros and cons of parenthood. Finally, he returns to Kes and tells her he's ready, only to discover that now she is having second thoughts.

Anxious to escape the swarm, the crew attempts to move away, but the swarm follows. Suddenly, an even larger version of the creatures appears and blocks Voyager's way. Bewildered at first, the crew realizes that it is a "suitor" for the swarm and that it thinks Voyager is a rival. Every aggressive move they make is met by a stronger countermove from the creature.

Finally, Chakotay suggests the ship act submissively by "rolling over." Happily, the plan works and the swarm moves away with the big creature. Later, Kes ultimately decides against having a baby, but is relieved by the Doctor's belief that her elogium may have been a false alarm brought on by the electrophoretic field created by the swarm; it could recur later. Ironically, Janeway learns that an ensign named Wildman is pregnant, so the crew will soon welcome a new arrival after all.

Non Sequitur

Harry Kim wakes up in 24th-century San Francisco and no one seems surprised to see him there — not his girlfriend Libby, nor a local coffee shop owner named Cosimo, nor his friend Lieutenant Lasca, a fellow design specialist at Starfleet Headquarters. As the strange morning continues, Kim finds himself in an important meeting with high-ranking officers who want to hear Kim and Lasca's proposal for a new runabout.

Feigning illness, Kim leaves the meeting and tries to figure out how he got to Earth. A check of Starfleet records reveals that he never served on Voyager, which, as Kim well knows, has been reported missing in the Badlands. He also finds out that Paris isn't on the crew manifest; he's been paroled from the penal settlement that Janeway found him at and now lives in Marseilles. Kim heads to France, seeking answers only Paris can provide.

He locates his friend at the real Sandrine's, but to Kim's chagrin, Paris doesn't know him. Still, Paris is intrigued by Kim's story. His last recollection is being in a shuttlecraft heading back to Voyager, and Kim begs Paris to accompany him to Starfleet Headquarters where they can run a computer simulation and learn what happened to him; Paris refuses. When Kim arrives home, he is apprehended by Lasca who suspects he may be a Maquis spy. Until the matter can be settled, an electronic anklet is place on Kim to monitor his whereabouts.

Later, Cosimo tells a distraught Kim that he was sent to keep watch over him after Kim's shuttlecraft intersected one of his species' "time-streams." The incident scrambled Kim's time-line and sent him back to the life he would have known if he hadn't joined Voyager's crew. In an effort to help Kim, Cosimo tells him where to find the time-stream that could take him back. Kim says goodbye to Libby and makes a run for it, only to be apprehended by a Starfleet security guard. Thankfully, Paris arrives on the scene and helps Kim out. The pair then flee.

Needing a ship to recreate his shuttle accident and ride the time-stream back to Voyager, Kim boards a runabout at Starfleet Headquarters. With Paris at the helm, he recreates the conditions of the incident that sent him to Earth. Suddenly, he finds himself back on his original shuttlecraft. Kim is beamed onto Voyager, where he resumes his normal life.


During a surprise birthday party for Kes at Sandrine's Bar in the holodeck, the U.S.S. Voyager encounters a peculiar spatial distortion wave in space, which surrounds the ship. The phenomenon disables the vessel's main systems, including communications and the warp drive, and also seems to change Voyager's structural layout. As a result, Janeway can't find her way to the Bridge, Torres can't locate Engineering, and everyone in the crew is confused and frustrated.

Finding a small group of her staff near Sandrine's, Janeway calls an impromptu meeting to discuss their situation. Then Paris and Torres team up to find Engineering; Chakotay, Neelix, Janeway and Kim pair off to locate the Bridge; and Kes and the Doctor await word in Sandrine's. Paris and Torres manage to reach their goal but the others aren't as lucky. Chakotay finds Tuvok but loses Neelix, and Janeway is nearly dragged into an internal distortion by an unseen electromagnetic force.

Kim rescues Janeway and he gets her back to Sandrine's, where she loses consciousness. The spatial distortion continues to squeeze the ship, and Tuvok estimates that the unstoppable ring will crush the vessel in little more than an hour.

With Janeway still unconscious, Chakotay takes command. Torres attempts to trigger a warp shock pulse to save the ship, but instead of dispersing the spatial ring, it pulls it in even faster, surrounding Engineering and even the sanctuary in Sandrine's Bar.

Lacking any other options, Tuvok advises the crew to do nothing and allow the anomaly to twist its way through the bar. After it does, Janeway regains consciousness and explains that the distortion was trying to communicate with them. The ring leaves the ship as it originally found it, with no damage, then moves out into space. In its wake, the crew discovers that it left 20 million gigaquads of new information in the ship's computer.


After Kes asks Paris to be her flight instructor, he finds himself falling for her. A jealous Neelix picks up on the Lieutenant's crush, and instigates a messy fight with Paris in the mess hall. Despite — or because of — the friction between them, Janeway decides to send the sparring pair on a shuttlecraft mission to replenish food supplies. The most likely source is a planet surrounded by trigemic vapors, which can cause severe skin irritation.

As they approach the planet, electromagnetic disturbances in the atmosphere cause the shuttlecraft to lose power, and they're forced to make an emergency landing on the planet. Tracking the shuttle, Voyager's crew notes their problems and launches a search-and-rescue mission.

In order to lessen their exposure to the dangerous vapors on the planet's surface, Neelix and Paris seek refuge in a cave and seal themselves in. Back on Voyager, search efforts are hampered by an attack from an alien vessel that places itself between Voyager and the planet. The crew is ultimately able to disable the alien ship's weapons systems and proceed to the planet.

In the cave, Paris and Neelix cautiously explore their environment. They find footprints leading to a clutch of eggs. As they watch, a reptohumanoid creature hatches from one of them. With the baby's mother nowhere in sight, Neelix decides that it's their responsibility to care for it. But when the baby's heartbeat begins to weaken, Paris realizes that by sealing the cave, they've cut off the supply of vapors the newborn needs to survive. Opening it up, they manage to get some of the nutrients from the air into the baby's system and it gets stronger.

Bonded by their concern for the creature, Paris and Neelix resolve their differences as they wait for the crew to find them. There is only a limited window of opportunity for Voyager to beam them aboard, but when, at last, the "window" opens and Voyager is able to contact the pair, Paris and Neelix delay beaming up for the sake of the baby. Soon, one of the aliens shows up on the scene; it seems to be the baby's mother. As Paris and Neelix watch, she retrieves the newborn. Satisfied, the Away Team returns to Voyager, where the two new friends go off to have a celebratory drink.

Persistence of Vision

As the U.S.S. Voyager readies for a potentially dangerous encounter with the Botha, the Doctor orders an exhausted Captain Janeway to take some "R&R" in the holodeck. Janeway tries to get into her favorite holonovel, but before long, she is called back to the Bridge for first contact with the Botha. The Bothan representative gives the crew a chilly reception, but sets up a rendezvous to determine whether or not they will allow Voyager to pass through their space.

Later, Janeway thinks she sees Beatrice, the little girl from her holonovel, in one of the ship's corridors. Unable to attribute Beatrice's appearance to experiments the crew is performing on Voyager's imaging systems, Janeway wonders if she's seeing things. But then Kes sees Beatrice, too. Later, after Janeway hears the voice of her fiance Mark, she's attacked with a knife by Mrs. Templeton, another holonovel character. Again, Kes confirms the event.

Janeway puts Chakotay in charge of meeting with the Botha while she undergoes medical testing. Once again, the alien representative is hostile and this time, his ship engages the crew in a battle, leaving Voyager damaged. Leaving Sickbay, Janeway races to the Bridge, where the Bothan is on the viewscreen. She's stunned to see it's Mark.

At least, that's how it looks to her. But on the same viewscreen, Paris sees his disparaging father, Admiral Paris; Kim sees his girlfriend Libby; and Tuvok sees his wife T'Pel. Torres contacts Janeway from Engineering and reports that the crew seems to have fallen under some kind of psychoactive trance, the result of a bio-electric field emanating from the Bothan ship. But even as she begins working on a way to block the field, she falls prey to its spell.

It's up to Kes, whose telepathic abilities allow her to resist the field, and the Doctor to block the mysterious force that's disabling the ship. Kes manages to complete Torres' work and restore the crew to normal. A telepathic Bothan confesses to having caused the disturbance, but he disappears before they can learn any more from him. As they continue on their way, the crew reflects uneasily about what's lurking in the subconscious corridors of their minds.


While Kes chides the Doctor for his lack of compassion towards the discomforts experienced by pregnant Ensign Wildman, Chakotay is surprised to discover symbols on an alien moon that are strikingly similar to ones he observed as a teen in the Central American rainforest. At that time, he'd been accompanying his father, Kolopak, on a journey to find the truth about their ancient ancestors. Intrigued, Chakotay is permitted to lead an Away Team to the site. It might provide some answers — or, failing that, some of the minerals that the ship badly needs for repairs.

The Away Team beams down to what appears to be the uninhabited planet. As they prepare to land their shuttlecraft, Chakotay remembers back to the age of 15 when he disappointed his father by not embracing the traditions of his tribe. The memories are strong as the team explores the planet's terrain. But before he can absorb any comparative implications, Neelix is injured by a native hawk, and later Tuvok finds what appears to be an abandoned village.

Thinking the Away Team may have frightened off the natives, Chakotay advises Tuvok and Torres to lay down their weapons in a gesture of trust. Instead, the gesture seems to inspire a violent storm. Tuvok and Torres beam back up, but Chakotay is left behind, knocked unconscious by a falling tree.

Later, Janeway is frustrated by several unsuccessful attempts to find Chakotay — it's almost as if something on the planet is trying to prevent them from beaming down. As they try to enter the planet's atmosphere, they're engulfed in a cyclone which Tuvok suspects is generated by residents to ward off intruders.

When Chakotay recovers, he finds the inhabitants of this strange world, and is surprised to learn that they speak the language of his ancestors. They recognize the symbol tattooed on Chakotay's forehead, which he wears to honor his father, who wore it to honor his ancestors. The inhabitants say they knew those ancestors — "the Inheritors" — when they visited Earth some 45,000 years earlier.

Chakotay realizes that these are the "Sky Spirits" which his people's lore is based upon. The aliens visited Earth again much later, and discovered that nearly all traces of the Inheritors had vanished, presumably destroyed by other humans. The aliens tell Chakotay that they attacked Voyager and its crew with storms because they feared they were enemies who would try to destroy them just as the human ancestors did to the Inheritors. Chakotay assures them that humans have come a long way since those ancient days and mean them no harm. The storms vanish and the ship is saved just in time. After the aliens give Chakotay some of the minerals that Voyager needs, they bid him farewell, leaving Chakotay with the feeling that he's recovered his connection to his people — and his father.

Cold Fire

Kes and the Doctor notice a peculiar change in the remains of the Caretaker, the alien who trapped Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. They seem to be resonating in response to an unusual energy source. Remembering that the dying Caretaker had mentioned a female of its kind, Janeway wonders if she could be nearby. If so, a meeting with her could be their ticket home. As a precaution, Tuvok develops a toxin that could debilitate the female lifeform if she poses a threat. Following the energy trail, the crew comes upon a space station inhabited by Ocampa, who fire on the ship.

Kes agrees to act as the crew's liaison to her people, and when the Ocampa leader, Tanis, boards Voyager, she assures him that the crew comes in peace. In a private meeting, Tanis tells Kes that the female caretaker, Suspiria, is nearby. She has taken care of this group of Ocampa for 300 years, and has taught them to develop their psychokinetic skills. He shows Kes a sample of the powerful abilities she has yet to tap. Later, Tanis communicates with Suspiria, who demands that he deliver Voyager to her.

As Tanis leads the crew to Suspiria, he tutors Kes on her telepathic skills. The lessons nearly end in disaster when Kes tries to boil water with her mind and, to her horror, inadvertently boils Tuvok's blood instead. He collapses, writhing in agony.

Fortunately, Tuvok recovers from the near-fatal incident. Kes realizes the full potential of her mental powers when her mind causes the plants in the airponics bay to burn up. Tanis urges Kes to leave Voyager and live on the Ocampa space station, where he says she will be embraced by Suspiria and surrounded by her own people.

Suspiria comes aboard the ship and tells Janeway that she will destroy Voyager in retaliation for the crew's part in the Caretaker's death. Suspiria attacks several officers and is ready to complete her mission of revenge when Kes becomes aware of the monstrous plot. Kes attacks Tanis with her expanded psychic abilities, and Tanis' pain temporarily incapacitates Suspiria. Janeway is then able to fire the toxin, subduing her. Janeway allows Suspiria and Tanis to leave the ship, while Kes remains with her friends on Voyager.


Voyager's crew is surprised when sensors pick up a transmission from someone using a Federation signal. Janeway lays in a course toward the signal, but when they arrive, they're attacked by a Kazon vessel, which seems to know how to penetrate Voyager's shields. Intruders manage to gain access to the starship, steal a transporter module and beam away to their own ship. Janeway informs the Kazon leader, Culluh, that the module is useless without Federation know-how, but Culluh reveals his trump card: he's joined forces with Seska, a former crewmember and Cardassian spy.

The implications of Seska's alliance with Culluh are clear — the Kazon now have an adviser with Starfleet, Maquis and Cardassian tactical experience. Culluh plans to use the stolen module to persuade rival sects to help him conquer the Federation ship. Chakotay tells Torres he feels responsible for Seska's actions because he recruited her into the Maquis, and later he decides to leave Voyager to go after the device on his own.

Chakotay is able to beam undetected from the cockpit of his shuttlecraft to the Kazon bridge. There, he destroys the stolen module but is quickly captured and tortured for Voyager's command codes, which he refuses to reveal.

When Voyager arrives on the scene, the Kazon Majes he's gathered order Culluh to use the command codes to obliterate the starship, but it soon becomes obvious that he doesn't have them. Seska's quick thinking prevents Voyager from beaming Chakotay off the Kazon ship, so Janeway transports the Kazon Majes instead. They agree to release Chakotay and his shuttlecraft in return for their freedom. Later Chakotay is stunned when Seska informs him that while he was unconscious, she extracted some of his DNA and impregnated herself with his child.


In search of tellerium to power the U.S.S. Voyager, Janeway, Tuvok, Neelix and Torres transport to an Alsaurian city that is occupied by the hostile Mokra. Tipped off to the crew's presence, Mokra soldiers capture Tuvok and Torres. Neelix manages to beam back to Voyager with the tellerium and the Captain is secreted away by Caylem, an eccentric man who believes Janeway is his long-lost daughter.

On the ship, Chakotay contacts Augris, the Mokra magistrate, to obtain the missing crewmembers, but when the effort fails to produce results, he begins formulating a rescue plan. In Caylem's home, Janeway learns that Torres and Tuvok have been taken to the Mokra's impenetrable prison. Hoping to find his missing wife, Caylem asks the Captain if he can accompany her there. Janeway refuses, but the point becomes moot when Mokra soldiers arrive, looking for her. The pair slip out of Caylem's hideout seconds before the soldiers burst in.

Janeway and Caylem approach the resistance leader who provided the tellerium, who agrees to help them get weapons so they can break the crew out of the prison. But when Janeway realizes that the weapons exchange is a trap, she must resort to using her feminine wiles to overtake two guards protecting the prison's access tunnels. After she and Caylem subdue the guards and steal their weapons, the pair sneak into the prison. Meanwhile, Voyager comes under hostile fire by the Mokra and the ship is ordered to leave the area immediately.

Janeway is able to help free Tuvok and Torres, but she goes back to help Caylem look for his wife. Unfortunately, they run right into Augris, who reveals that Caylem's wife and daughter — both members of the resistance — are dead. Caylem fatally stabs the magistrate and takes a phaser shot meant for Janeway. As Caylem dies, Janeway plays the role of his daughter and assures him that both she and her mother forgive him for having been too fearful to join the resistance years earlier. Seconds later, Paris arrives and the entire Away Team beams back to the ship.


When the crew beams aboard a deactivated robot, Torres works night and day to revive the mysterious mechanical being. After exploring many dead ends, the Chief Engineer finally finds an appropriate power source and is delighted when the sentient artificial lifeform is reactivated.

The robot introduces itself as Automated Personnel Unit 3947, one of a nearly extinct line of workers created by the Pralor, a species of humanoids who no longer exist. It asks Torres to build a prototype power module for the construction of additional units, but Janeway points out that this would be a violation of the Prime Directive. However, the unit won't take no for an answer; when they return 3947 to its vessel, it renders Torres unconscious and takes her to the Pralor ship, where others of its kind are waiting.

To Janeway's dismay, the crew is unable to penetrate a subspace defense shield that goes up around the Pralor vessel, and Torres' combadge is deactivated by the robots. When Voyager fires on the alien ship, the robots respond by launching a violent attack that threatens to destroy the starship. To halt the assault, Torres finally agrees to build the desired prototype.

While the Voyager crew plots to rescue her, Torres learns that the robots have been unable to produce their own prototype because each power module has an individual energy code. She sets out to design a standardized module that can power any unit.

Another ship approaches, manned by similar robots. The second alien vessel begins firing on the first. Completing her work, Torres finds out that the builders of these robots, the Cravics, used the machines to fight their war against the Pralor builders. All of the warring robots were programmed for victory, and when the Pralor and Cravic humanoids decided to call a truce, the robots terminated them and continued their battle. The new prototype that Torres has created will allow the Pralor robots to win their war against the Cravic robots. Horrified, Torres destroys the prototype, and the crew is able to beam her away from the Pralor ship, leaving the robots to continue their war.


After a series of Kazon assaults on the U.S.S. Voyager that badly damage the ship, Chakotay urges Janeway to start thinking more like a Maquis. He suggests forming an alliance with several factions of the Kazon — an option the Captain rejects until Tuvok convinces her that such an arrangement could bring stability to the quadrant.

While Neelix visits a Kazon-Pommar contact on the planet Sobras to feel the faction out about the viability of such an alliance, Janeway and Chakotay meet with Seska and Culluh, the Maje of the Kazon-Nistrim. Culluh stubbornly refuses to allow a woman to dictate the terms of an alliance, so Janeway walks out. On Sobras, Neelix also fares poorly, as he's thrown into a cell with other non-Kazon prisoners.

There, Neelix meets Mabus, a Trabe leader who assures Neelix that help is on the way, thanks to a signal he sent to Trabe vessels in the area. As predicted, Trabe supporters liberate the prisoners.

In the meantime, the crew sets a course for Sobras to retrieve Neelix, but en route, they spot an armada of Kazon ships closing in on their position. Apprehension turns to relief when the crew realizes these are actually Trabe ships, and Neelix is aboard one of them. Mabus explains that the Trabe once held the Kazon as slaves, until the Kazon rose up against them. Since then, the Trabe have been in exile. Despite the bad blood between Trabe and Kazon forces, Janeway and Mabus form an alliance, and call for a conference to unite the warring factions in the quadrant. Seska persuades Culluh to attend the meeting as his first step toward destroying the Trabe and seizing Voyager.

Having been tipped off by Neelix's sources that someone may try to sabotage the conference, Janeway and Tuvok proceed with caution to the meeting, which brings the First Majes of all the Kazon sects together. Suddenly, a Trabe ship appears and opens fire on the gathering. Voyager drives off the Trabe vessel and Janeway, stunned by the ambush, orders Mabus off her ship. But the damage has been done. The Kazon are furious and the crew is more vulnerable than ever.


Following a series of holodeck simulations to reach Warp 10, Paris and the engineering team iron out the technical glitches and prepare to send Paris out on a real flight. The next day, the crew watches as Paris takes the Shuttlecraft Cochrane to Warp 10, crosses the transwarp threshold, and abruptly vanishes.

Moments later, the Cochrane emerges from subspace, and they beam Paris to Sickbay. He appears no worse for wear, weakened but exhilarated by the experience, which he likens to "being everywhere at once." As Torres and Janeway discuss the potential of the data obtained in Paris' brief flight, a crewmember named Jonas eavesdrops on the conversation. Later, the duplicitous Jonas sends information on Paris' Warp 10 flight to the Kazon.

Not long after his trip, Paris collapses in the mess hall. Rushed to Sickbay, the Doctor tracks dramatic changes in Paris' biochemistry. His organs are mutating and his cell membranes are deteriorating rapidly. Despite the Doctor's best efforts, Paris dies. However, hours later, Paris begins breathing again. When the Doctor examines him, he is amazed to find that the Lieutenant now has two hearts!

Paris is by no means out of danger. A series of accelerated mutations leave him radically transformed and subject to bouts of paranoia and violence. The Doctor figures out a medical procedure to destroy Paris' mutant DNA, but it's interrupted when Paris breaks out of confinement.

Paris kidnaps Janeway and takes her to the Cochrane, launching them both on another Warp 10 journey. Voyager locates the vessel three days later on an uninhabited jungle planet. Paris and Janeway have mutated into amphibians and mated, producing two offspring, which the crew leaves behind on the planet. Once Paris and Janeway are brought back to Voyager, the Doctor is able to perform the procedure to eliminate the mutant DNA from their bodies and they return to normal, albeit rather embarrassed about recent events.


When the body of a crewperson named Darwin is found in Engineering, everyone assumes his death was accidental — until the Doctor determines that Darwin was, in fact, murdered. Tuvok launches an immediate investigation. A check of engineering logs places a Maquis named Suder at the scene of the crime. At first, Suder denies being involved. But when DNA evidence implicates him, Suder confesses, telling Tuvok he killed Darwin because "I didn't like the way he looked at me."

Unwilling to accept such a senseless motive for such a serious crime, Tuvok interrogates Suder in greater detail. To Tuvok's dismay, Suder can't articulate what drives his violent outbursts, so Tuvok secures his permission to perform a Vulcan mind-meld. Tuvok hopes it will help him understand Suder's motivations, and that some of his own Vulcan self-discipline will rub off on the confessed killer, allowing him to better control his violent nature.

Tuvok briefs Janeway on his mind-meld with Suder, and they discuss punishment options. Tuvok admits that although Suder seems calmer since the meld, he finds himself feeling disconcerted. Later, an encounter with the playful Neelix so enrages Tuvok that he strangles him; fortunately, the event occurs only in Tuvok's holodeck program.

Tuvok meets with Suder, who unsettles Tuvok with his comments about the seductive lure of violence, which Tuvok now fully understands. Fearful of his own impulses, Tuvok seals himself in his room and tells Janeway he's no longer fit for duty.

Janeway sends Tuvok to Sickbay, where he starts undergoing treatments to control his violent tendencies. That evening, Tuvok breaks out of Sickbay and confronts Suder, saying he's come to execute him. Yet Tuvok's rational instincts prevent him from completing the act of murder, and he collapses. Suder summons help and Tuvok returns to Sickbay where he successfully completes his rehabilitation.


The crew tracks a Cardassian-designed weapon packing a warhead capable of wreaking mass destruction. While serving in the Maquis, Chakotay and Torres encountered the missile, dubbed "Dreadnought," in the Alpha Quadrant. Back then, Torres had reprogrammed it to assault its own makers, but the weapon went astray and was thought to have been destroyed. Now Voyager's scanners report that Dreadnought is inexplicably headed straight for a heavily populated planet in the Delta Quadrant.

As Jonas, a traitor in Voyager's crew, informs the Kazon about this superweapon, Janeway warns an official on the planet Rakosa about the approaching missile. Torres beams onto Dreadnought, where she gets the device's sophisticated computer system to stand down from its attack plans. But a short time later, Torres learns that Dreadnought has inexplicably resumed its deadly course for Rakosa.

The crew learns that Dreadnought's computer does not "believe" it's in the Delta Quadrant. It thinks Rakosa is actually a Cardassian target in the Alpha Quadrant, and that Torres has been coerced by the Cardassians into logging false information into its navigational sensor array. Attempts to disable the missile from Voyager backfire when Dreadnought blows out many of the starship's main systems.

With two million lives at stake on Rakosa, Torres manages to beam back on Dreadnought as the Rakosan fleet approaches to intercept the missile. Under fierce fire from Dreadnought, however, the Rakosan ships retreat. As a last-ditch effort, Janeway orders her crew to abandon ship; she plans to use Voyager to ram the missile and detonate the warhead before it hits Rakosa.

Not a moment too soon, Torres manages to initiate an old Cardassian program in Dreadnought's systems. The two programs immediately begin to "quarrel" about the missile's target, distracting it from her attempts to breach Dreadnought's containment field and detonate the warhead. When Voyager's sensors convey Torres' success, Tuvok beams Torres back to the starship just as Dreadnought explodes.

Death Wish

During an attempt to beam up a comet sample, the crew inadvertently brings aboard a member of the Q Continuum, who was imprisoned inside the comet. The escaped Q expresses his gratitude at being rescued, then bids the crew farewell. Unfortunately, his attempt to disappear has made all the male members of Voyager disappear instead. Janeway orders him to return her crew. Instead, the well-known Q, who has bedeviled the officers of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D for years, appears.

Q tells Janeway that the escaped Q ("Q2") has been locked up for the past 300 years due to his repeated suicide attempts. The freed Q2 demands asylum and attempts to press the point by haphazardly tossing the ship around the universe in an attempt to lose the other Q. Janeway calls a halt to the dangerous game of hide-and-seek and agrees to hold a hearing to consider the request for asylum. The terms are set: if the Captain rules in the Continuum's favor, the escaped prisoner must return to confinement. If she doesn't, Q2 will be granted mortality so he can fulfill his death wish.

Q2 asks Tuvok to represent him at the hearing, where he explains he wants to end the tedium of immortality. Q counters by explaining that Q2's suicide could have unpredictable consequences for the Continuum, which has never known anything but immortality. A courtroom drama ensues when Q2 calls himself to the stand along with other witnesses, including the Enterprise's William Riker, whose lives were profoundly changed by Q2's influence.

Q tries to sway Janeway's ruling by promising to send the crew back to Earth if the decision is in his favor. Determined to render a just verdict, Janeway, Tuvok and the two Qs visit a manifestation of the Q Continuum to see what life is like there. Afterwards, the Captain announces that she'll reveal her decision the next day. In the morning, she grants Q2's request for asylum, and urges him to explore the mysteries of mortal life. But within hours, the now-human Q2 has committed suicide, using a rare poison that the other Q confesses he secured for his friend.


The crew answers a distress call from a small spacecraft and beams its occupant into Sickbay. The severely ill Vidiian female is dying from the Phage, which has ravaged her people. The Doctor puts her decaying body into stasis and transfers her synaptic patterns into Sickbay's holobuffer. He then creates a holographic body that reflects the way the female would look if she were not afflicted with the Phage.

The astonished patient revives and introduces herself as Dr. Danara Pel, a hematologist. She's grateful for what the Doctor has done for her, but he admits it is just a temporary fix. She can't survive in this form; he still has hopes of treating her ravaged physical body.

Embittered by her own harrowing experience as a prisoner of the Vidiians, Torres balks at the Doctor's request that she donate some of her brain tissue to help Pel, since Klingon DNA is resistant to the Phage. But after advising her that it's Pel's only chance, she relents, and he grafts the tissue onto the Vidiian's brain. It'll be several days before they know if the graft will take, so the Doctor and Pel begin spending a lot of time together.

The Doctor is confused by his affection for Pel, but Kes urges him to tell the woman how he feels. Yet when the Doctor blurts out his interest in Pel, she says she'd prefer to keep their relationship strictly professional. While the disappointed Doctor seeks Paris' dating advice, Kes gets Pel to admit she really does like the Doctor. Later, Paris tells the Doctor he knows the perfect romantic getaway to impress Pel, and using Paris' holodeck program, the Doctor has a lovely date with Pel in a 1957 Chevy.

Not long after, the Doctor is shocked to discover that Pel's brain is rejecting the graft. He doesn't understand what could have gone wrong. Pel admits she sabotaged her medical treatment because she doesn't want to return to her diseased body, despite the fact that the alternative is death. The Doctor convinces her that he will love her no matter what she looks like, and convinces her to survive and go on caring for her sick compatriots. As Voyager heads for her home, she and the Doctor share a tender dance in Sandrine's bar.


As part of his "duties" as Voyager's morale officer, Neelix begins transmitting daily news briefings to the crew. When he hears a rumor that someone is leaving the ship to join a Talaxian convoy, he passes the news along to Janeway and Tuvok. Unsurprised, the pair admit to Neelix that Tom Paris has requested the transfer. To the dismay of his friends, Paris leaves the ship.

While Janeway ponders Paris' replacement, Neelix busies himself by covering a minor accident in Engineering that leaves three crewmembers, including Jonas, nursing minor wounds. A short time later, the Talaxian vessel notifies Janeway that it has been attacked by the Kazon-Nistrim, who have taken Paris hostage.

Seska welcomes Paris aboard the Kazon vessel and tries convincing him to join forces with the Nistrim sect. Back on Voyager, Neelix wonders how the Kazon knew that Paris was aboard the Talaxian ship. Following his new career as an investigative journalist, Neelix pokes around engineering, where he finds suspicious gaps in the subspace communications logs. Fearful of exposure, Jonas prepares to kill the Talaxian with a plasma torch, but Neelix leaves before he can do it.

Neelix tells Tuvok his suspicions that a crewmember has been making covert transmissions to the Kazon. Exploring further, Neelix finds evidence that Paris is the traitor, and transmits his findings on his daily briefing. Janeway confides in Neelix that Paris' recent departure was a ruse to flush out a suspected spy on board. She asks the Talaxian for assistance in exposing the traitor.

On the Kazon ship, Paris finds evidence that proves Jonas is the turncoat, but he is discovered by Seska. He manages to escape in a stolen Kazon shuttlecraft. Back on Voyager, Neelix realizes that Jonas is the guilty party and when the two men come to blows in Engineering, Jonas plunges to his death. The Kazon retreat and Paris returns to the ship a hero.


As Voyager enters a plasma cloud to evade approaching Vidiian ships, Ensign Wildman goes into labor and delivers a baby girl. But as the crew emerges from the cloud, a series of astounding events occur: the warp engines stall, the antimatter supplies drain, and proton bursts cause a hull breach. What's more, Kim is sucked out into space, Kes vanishes in a mysterious void, and Wildman's baby dies.

As the hull breach widens, the ship is forced to run on emergency power. Another proton burst hits and Chakotay orders everyone off the bridge. To her surprise, Janeway sees herself walk across the bridge, which she assumes is a spatial fluctuation caused by their passage through the plasma cloud. Janeway visits Wildman in Sickbay and admires her newborn baby, who appears to be fine. The crew also beams aboard an unconscious patient who's identical to Kes.

This Kes "double" reports the same series of astounding occurrences, which leads Janeway to speculate that there's another Voyager nearby. Apparently, a divergence field has caused all sensor readings to double and every particle on the ship to duplicate. Unfortunately, there isn't enough antimatter to sustain both vessels. Janeway alerts the other Voyager crew, led by a duplicate Janeway. After a merger of the ships fails, Janeway decides to go over to the other ship through the void Kes disappeared into.

The two Janeways meet and strategize their options. The captain of the more heavily damaged Voyager proposes to self-destruct her ship and crew to save the other Voyager. With the Vidiians closing in, the two captains know they must act quickly or both ships and crews will be destroyed. Meanwhile, the Vidiians board one of the Voyagers.

Desperate to steal healthy organs to help battle a plague known as the Phage, the Vidiians begin attacking crewmembers. One of the Janeway captains decides to act. She sets her ship on self-destruct and orders the duplicate Kim to take Wildman's baby through the void. The Vidiians are destroyed when the duplicate Voyager explodes, while Kim, the baby and the other Voyager crew are saved.


While entering the atmosphere of an uninhabited moon, the shuttle piloted by Tuvok and Ensign Bennet is rocked by electrodynamic turbulence, causing it to crash. Bennet dies, but Tuvok realizes he is not alone as three frightened children venture out from hiding. The children tell him that their ship crashed too, killing the people who were looking after them. In the meantime, Voyager welcomes Alcia, the Prelate of Drayan II, with whom Janeway hopes to negotiate for minerals they need. The visit is interrupted when Alcia receives an emergency message, calling her away. Before she goes, she asks the crew to leave the area.

As Tuvok tries to repair his damaged shuttlecraft, the children — Tressa, Elani and Corin — express their fears of being killed by a creature they call the "morrok." They are even more frightened when a Drayan search party arrives to look for them. The children tell Tuvok that the Drayans sent them to the moon to die, and ask him to help them hide.

With Tuvok's help, the children elude the search team. Later, Alcia informs Janeway that they have found Tuvok's crashed shuttle on the moon, which they consider sacred ground. She orders Janeway to remove her surviving crewmember immediately.

The next morning, Tuvok discovers that Elani and Corin have vanished. In a nearby cave, he finds their clothes, but not the children. During a break in the atmospheric turbulence, Tuvok manages to send a brief message to Voyager. Janeway and Paris take a shuttlecraft to rescue the Vulcan, but they're pursued by a Drayan vehicle whose occupants don't want the shuttle to sully the sacred site.

As the Drayan search party surrounds Tuvok and Tressa, Janeway and Paris arrive. Tuvok refuses to let the Drayans take the child, but he is stunned when Alcia reveals that Tressa is actually 96 years old. Among the Drayan, the aging process is reversed, and Tressa wasn't brought there to be killed, but to die a natural death. With Alcia's permission, Tuvok stays with Tressa to comfort her in her final moments.

The Thaw

Voyager picks up an automated message from the Kohl settlement, whose members survived an environmental catastrophe by going into artificial hibernation. The crew beams their hibernation pods on board and finds two humanoids dead and three in deep stasis, their minds connected to a sensory system controlled by a computer. The Doctor reveals that the two victims died from heart failure, brought on by mental stress — or extreme fear.

Hoping to learn how to revive the survivors, Kim and Torres enter two pods and are attached to the computer, which allows them to enter the colonists' dream state. They're thrown into an environment that resembles a bizarre carnival run by a malevolent Clown, whose followers quickly drag Kim to a guillotine.

Although the Clown spares Kim, the pair suddenly understand how the Kohl could literally be frightened to death. Because the Clown's survival depends on the colonists' minds remaining linked to the sensory system, the Kohl — and now Kim and Torres — can't awaken because the Clown won't allow it. The computer has manifested the worst fears of their subconscious minds into the persona of the Clown; they are now prisoners to that fear.

The Clown allows Torres to leave so she can warn the Captain that if the hibernation pods are deactivated, everyone will die. While Janeway contemplates how to negotiate, the Clown torments Kim mercilessly. The Doctor is sent to discuss the release of the hostages but the Clown refuses to cooperate, so Janeway decides to mount a rescue mission to free Kim and the Kohl settlers.

Her first plan fails when the Clown catches on to Torres' attempts to disable his program. Infuriated, he puts a colonist in the guillotine, where the frightened man succumbs to heart failure. To prevent more deaths, Janeway orders Torres to stop.

The Captain comes up with a final offer for the Clown: trade the current captives for Janeway herself. The Clown agrees, only to discover that his prize is only a holographic image. With no one alive left to torment, "Fear" is conquered and he disappears forever.


On an away mission to locate nutritional supplements, Tuvok and Neelix find a promising native orchid. Later, when the crew beams them back to Voyager with samples of the flowers, the pair never arrive. Instead, a single entity appears on the transporter platform. The Doctor confirms that this strange but oddly familiar alien is actually a fusion of Tuvok and Neelix. With all the memories and abilities of the pair, the new crewmember decides to name himself "Tuvix."

The senior officers meet and conclude that the symbiogenetic properties of the orchids the pair carried during transport caused the "merger" that created Tuvix. After the meeting, Tuvix attempts to adjust to his new identity, and Kes tries to adjust to Tuvix. Although she's drawn to him, she is unsettled by the amalgam's affection for her.

After Paris and Torres gather more samples of the alien orchid, they manage to confirm the method of Tuvix's creation by beaming together new plant hybrids, but are unsuccessful in their attempts to reverse the process. The Doctor admits he's not optimistic about bringing Tuvok and Neelix back as separate individuals. On hearing this, Kes mourns the loss of two men: her lover and her mentor.

Kes tells Janeway that despite Tuvix's wonderful qualities, she's not ready to let go of Neelix. Several weeks pass, and Tuvix settles into life aboard the ship. In time, Kes reaches out to him and apologizes for being distant. Just as it looks as if everyone has adjusted to Voyager's new crewmember, the Doctor announces that he's devised a way to restore him to his two original components. There's just one problem: Tuvix doesn't want to die, even if it means allowing the other two men to live.

Tuvix argues that he has a right to survive, and that restoring Tuvok and Neelix's lives amounts to his execution. The Doctor refuses to take Tuvix's life against his will, so in the end, Janeway is forced to take responsibility for performing the procedure. Tuvok and Neelix are fully restored, but Janeway's relief is tempered by the weight of her decision to end Tuvix's life.


During an away mission, Janeway and Chakotay are bitten by an insect that infects them with an incurable virus. When the Doctor can't treat them, the two officers resign themselves to remaining on the planet, which has an environment that blocks the progression of the terminal disease. After supplies are beamed to them from Voyager, Janeway gives the crew orders to proceed to the Alpha Quadrant and puts Tuvok in command of the ship.

The decision to leave the Captain and First Officer behind weighs heavily on the crew, and they urge Tuvok to rendezvous with a Vidiian convoy, knowing that the aliens' advanced medical knowledge might include a cure for the virus. Tuvok refuses; Janeway has forbidden the crew to contact the untrustworthy Vidiians, renowned for their willingness to murder involuntary organ donors in their ongoing battle against the Phage.

On the planet, Janeway works to develop a cure for the virus while Chakotay tries to make their lives comfortable. After a violent plasma storm strikes the planet and her research equipment is destroyed, she must come to grips with the fact that they are unlikely to ever leave this world. On Voyager, Tuvok realizes that sometimes a Captain must disobey an order for the welfare of his crew. He contacts the Vidiians and asks them to put Voyager in touch with the Vidiian physician Denara Pel, a close friend of the Doctor's. Pel quickly responds and offers to share the cure to the mysterious virus. They arrange a rendezvous for the next day.

As Janeway and Chakotay draw closer to each other, responding to the intimacy of their situation, Voyager goes to meet the Vidiians. But it's a trap, and the ship comes under a punishing assault. In the midst of the attack, Dr. Pel contacts the Doctor and offers the serum. Tuvok is able to drop the shields long enough for them to retrieve it and to eject an antimatter container from the ship. Then they fire a torpedo at the container and the resulting explosion incapacitates the Vidiian ships long enough for Voyager to escape. Tuvok retrieves the Captain and Chakotay, who resume command of Voyager and return to their traditional relationship.

Basics, Part I

While Tuvok works to rehabilitate Ensign Suder, an unstable killer confined to his quarters, Chakotay receives a desperate subspace message from Seska. She's given birth to the child that was fathered with the DNA stolen from the First Officer, and she claims that her Kazon lover, Maje Culluh, is going to take her son away.

Chakotay is torn. Seska is untrustworthy and could be trying to lead Voyager into a trap. But if it is truly his child, he owes it his help. They set out to find Seska, and en route, Voyager receives a distress call from a Kazon shuttle manned by Tierna, one of Seska's aides. The injured Kazon reports that Culluh has killed Seska. Tierna managed to survive by bribing a guard and stealing a shuttle.

Voyager heads for the colony world where Culluh has sent Chakotay's son. The starship sustains several minor Kazon attacks, although none cause serious damage. Still, the fact that each of the attacks has focused on a certain section of the ship makes them suspicious. When Janeway tells Paris to alter their course, the ship is suddenly confronted with eight large Kazon vessels, clearly attempting to coerce them into a different direction. Unwilling to be manipulated, Janeway decides to intercept the lead Kazon vessel.

Using some deception of its own, Voyager manages to send most of the vessels at different targets, leaving only the lead vessel to fight. But as the battle intensifies, Tierna deliberately triggers a massive explosion in his own body, sacrificing his life to damage the ship. The tactic also serves to destroy Voyager's decoy, and three of the previously distracted Kazon vessels return to attack. Paris quickly boards a shuttlecraft to seek help from a neighboring Talaxian colony, but the little ship is hit by Kazon fire, and Voyager loses contact.

As Kazon intruders board the crippled starship, Janeway is forced to surrender. A victorious Culluh and Seska, who is still very much alive, take command while the Doctor secretly deactivates himself for twelve hours. The Kazon then strand the crew on a primitive planet and depart, unaware that there is still one crewmember aboard: Ensign Suder.